Intention is everything in Bhakti

Bhakti is a process of the mind. Devotion of the mind or “Manasa Seva” is the highest form of service that can be offered to the Lord. Mind is the seat of all activities both physical and mental. If mind is not involved in any activity and only mechanically put to use, such an activity does not have relevance and does not yield everlasting results. There are fundamentally four dimensions of the mind namely Buddhi or intellect, Ahankara or false ego, Manas or memory and Chitta or pure intelligence. The intellect dissects things and tries to understand, this aspect of the mind is purely mundane. It is used only for eating, mating, dreaming and defending. The Ahankara keeps us bound to mundane things and defines our identity with the material world. Without ahankara our own existence is at peril. lockinintentionManas represents the impressions that we carry and contributes towards colouring of our perceptions about our own selves and the world. Chitta is normally not accessible on the mundane platform , it is the higher conscience of the individual and the more spiritual an individual is , the more the Chitta gets into action. It is the tail end of the mind and connects us to the divine. When one is surrendered in Krishna Bhajana, one only acts under the pure intelligence of the chitta.

When we are in Krishna Bhajana all the four aspects of the mind get purified. The intellect or Buddhi takes a back seat and is used only wherever necessary. A highly surrendered individual seldom puts Buddhi to use! Ahankara of a person in Krishna Bhajana becomes transformed into Spiritual Ego, the individual purely identifies himself as the eternal servant of Krishna even in his deep sleep. Such an identity makes the individually extremely fearless and powerful. The Manas of such an individual is free of all mundane impressions and filled with the qualities and images of the Supreme Lord. Memory is used very effectively in attaining the Highest Ideal by the devotee. Chitta of such a surrendered individual is extremely potent and engages the individual intuitively in the service of the Lord. Higher experiences of the Supreme are rendered to the individual by the medium of Chitta.

When an individual performs Bhajana, intention which is a facet of the Ahankara is put to use. A person who does not use active intentional capabilities cannot progress much in Bhakti. Intention is that aspect of Free-will which when applied in the context of Bhakti strengthens or weakens it. Intentions put to use in Bhakti can easily tackle the worst prarabdha or fruits of past actions. For example when a devotee says that he intends to visit the Dhama but is not able to visit it; it should be understood that the person’s prarabdha is affecting his visit to the Dhama. It is here that a sincere aspirant has to put to use the power of Intention. A person, who prays intently to the Lord putting all his energies into the prayer for a sustained period of time, has the capacity to burn prarabdha and make him qualified in Bhajana. A person who is lazy and does not apply his intentions properly is not fit for Bhakti. The powers of Intentions have to be used at all times. When positive intentions in relation with service through Bhakti are applied continuously, the ahankara gets purified. Such a purified ahankara is directly accountable for the purifications of the intellect, memory and chitta simultaneously

It is intentions that purify or sully activities performed under the banner of Bhakti. When somebody wants to serve Krishna through money earned through the share market , it is evident that such intentions break the basic rule that money earned  through such gambling cannot be put to use in Krishna’s service. One’s intentions to purify one so that one can serve the Lord with pure emotions, is the highest virtue. If one intends to render Krishna Bhajana to others, this is a great virtue, however such intentions should be weighed on a balance of what is appropriate. When a person intends to first purify his own self, it is but natural that the Lord will automatically put to use such a purified conduit to purify others. Intentions of serving Krishna through unfair means or through means which are found inappropriate within the framework of Krishna Bhajana should be refrained from. A business man who serves Krishna through unreasonable interest money earned from farmers is undoubtedly bribery and therefore sin. One has to be very careful when one is putting intentions to use. One should weigh all odds while performing service to Krishna. Krishna does not demand one’s wealth or possessions but is ever anxious to savour his devotees’ pure intentions.

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