Science of Contemplation

Vaishnavism is about connecting with Vishnu Tattva. For this connection to happen we have to know who we are at the root so that a connection can be made with God. Ancient spiritualism talks of two methods which are Meditation and Contemplation. Meditation is very different from Contemplation. Meditation involves centring, relieving ourselves of all tensions trying to hear God. In meditation one may chant a mantra by focusing on the image or the mantra itself or by focusing on the names and qualities of the Lord. However Contemplation is a supplement to the main chanting or Sadhana process which is given to one from the Parampara Guru. The process of Contemplation cements the heart and mind of the Sadhaka in Bhakti.

Generally Sadhakas who are in the grihastha ashram who also go out for a living should perform Sadhana activities in the morning, although it is not binding that Sadhana should only be carried out in the morning. Contemplation is a process that has to be carried out only before going to sleep and devoting fifteen minutes every night should be sufficient. During Contemplation, one should simply sit on the bed just fifteen minutes before lying down for the night. The next step is to sit erect and close one’s eye making sure that one is not very sleepy. If one is too sleepy, one should wash one’s eyes by splashing cold water cold across one’s face and cheeks. This will ensure that one does not fall asleep as one contemplates. Contemplation involves letting the silentoceanmind free and watching. As one is able to watch one’s mind’s activities, one also considers the effect of one’s daily Sadhana. As part of one’s daily events, one considers one’s behaviour throughout the day. One notices the aspects of lust, anger, greed, confusion, pride and envy playing their part on a daily basis. Contemplation means analyzing the day’s event with respect to what has not gone well on a spiritual basis. Contemplation involves looking at the daily events from all angles and placing them in front of the eye of our inner consciousness. When one is sincere enough, contemplation will easily reveal what should have happened and how one should have performed or behaved in a given situation. Being truthful, contemplation will reveal our defects and put us on to the platform of humility.  Contemplation daily will make us extremely sensitive and aware of one’s lower behaviour. It also makes one aware as to how Vaishnavism can become a practical tool of elevating oneself to the platform of a pure devotee.

 Contemplation keeps us inwardly focused and will enable one to be free of the world or in other words Maya that has made her way right into our heart can be identified and thrown out from the heart. One will understand life in its deepest sense. Life will become more meaningful and elevation of one to the mode of Bhava will become natural and easy. One need not separately try to become a good Vaishnava. Contemplation is also useful for a person to enter the other man’s shoes and can easily help develop empathy. One’s decision making capability will also become immaculate. The Lord is easily accessible to a person who makes contemplation one’s inner habit.

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