The Radhika Mantra

Mantra literally means “That which salvages the mind”. Mantra is the fulcrum of the Spiritual process. In the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition, there are twenty four main mantras initiated through a spiritual process by the Sadhguru on the aspirant. The giving of all the twenty four mantras to a disciple indicates absolute acceptance of the aspirant into the Gaudiya Vaishnava System by the Spiritual Master, the Sadhguru.

The Gaudiya Vaishnava way is called “Prema Sadhana” or process of spiritual elevation of the aspirant to the transcendental domain of Sri Sri Radha Krishna and thus being blessed the eternal service by the transcendental couple. The Mantras of the tradition play an enormous role in the aspirant’s ultimate elevation process. Out of the twenty four Mantras, the Radhika Mantra is that mantra that grants one the ultimate favour and acceptance by Srimati Radhika Rani , who is the summum bonum of the sadhana process.

The mantra cannot be discussed with anyone in the world except with the Guru or God brothers and with the benign permission of the Sadhguru. For the sake of inspiration the mantra is mentioned in an encoded way in the article.

The Mantra :

“ *  **** *** “

Only the number of syllables of the mantra is mentioned. Sincere aspirants not able to access the Sadhguru may simply focus on the number of syllables and meditate on Srimati Radhika. They will benefit immensely.

Translation of the Mantra: “I surrender myself to Srimati Radharani, “worshipful longing personified“


There is a detailed understanding about the mantra in the Radhika Tapani Upanishad wish is the supplement Upanishad for the Gopala Tapani Upanishad composed by Srila Veda Vyasa. A description and elucidation of the same appears in the old archives of Radha Kunda (English Translation Sri Advaita Dasa) by the great Gaudiya Vaishnava saint Sri Sri 1008 Kunja Bihari Dasa Babaji Maharaj.

Srimati Radhika is the “hladini” or the pleasure potency of the Lord. When a devotee surrenders to this potency through the medium of the Sadhguru, the entire consciousness of the aspirant is infused with the glow of service. The consciousness will be implanted with the aspect of internal service to the divine couple.

Mantra Siddhi or “Realization of Mantra” is a preliminary condition for the gift of the worshipable deity Srimati Radharani. This Siddhi is not in the context of the Mantra Yoga System or Jnana Yoga System. It is with respect to pure Bhakti. Another pre-condition for the Mantra Realization is a prayerful heart in utter submission. As one chants this mantra in the most innocent manner during the “Sandhya Mela”, the twilight hour, the results are much faster. The count for the same is at least 64 rounds. The mantra chanting should be begun in the evening with two rounds in the Sandhya Mela and the rest of the chanting should be completed before the start of the “Pratar Leela” in the transcendental world (before 6:30 AM). One who is committed to such chanting can attain siddhi in one month. The process can be faster if one takes up the chanting in the land of Vraja. Even if one does not take up the “niyam” or “mentioned rules in the strict sense” one will attain enormous benefits, the only condition being sincerity of purpose or absence of duplicity.

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