Spiritual Body Manifestation

In our Parampara, spiritual body of a sadhaka can only manifest after complete surrender of the sadhaka at the feet of Bhagawan. By surrender , it means that nothing should be as important to the sadhaka than sadhana and Bhajana. It should have priority over all things material that includes family, profession or position. A person who has surrendered everything and accepted Vraja as one’s life and soul is the most eligible candidate to adorn a spiritual body fit for the service of the divine couple in Goloka. With constant practice and with the grace of Guru and Gauranga one should qualify for a life in Vraja and then dedicate one’s life for intense sadhana. This is the ideal path. Sriman Mahaprabhu’s life is testimony for the same. Even the Six Goswamis of Vrindavana represent the same philosophy.

The spiritual body when received on account of intense sadhana will be of the same quality of that of the Supreme Lord. The spiritual body is called the Bhava Sarira. The Bhava Sarira will start manifesting as an aspirant reaches the stage of Bhava. The more intense one’s sadhana is , the spiritual bodies will manifest with greater qualities. The Guru lays the path and the sadhaka simply follows. The Siddha Sarira of the sadhaka is dependent on the aspects of smaranam and kirtanam. Kirtanam is of the Hare Krishna Mahamantra and the Gaudiya Geeti which is in the form of Prarthana or Prayer. With Kirtanam , the sadhaka attracts the grace of the Supreme and is a very powerful way of developing the spiritual body. This is the heart of the spiritual body manifestation. There are different types of Smaranam which will contribute to the development of the Spiritual body. The most important of them is radha-and-sakithe mental repetition of the Pranali or Deeksha Mantras, major mantras being the Gopala Mantra and the Radhika Mantra. It is ideal to take up a 64 round chanting of one main mantra like the Gopala mantra, Radha Mantra, Guru Mantra or the Gaura Mantra and subsequent chanting of the other main mantras on the fingers. It is important to accompany the Beeja Mantras with the equivalent Gayatri mantra in the mood of surrender to the ishtha devata. With consistent practice of these mantras , one has to develop in one’s heart the mood of a manjari as given to one by Srila Gurudeva. One has to hold the spiritual ego of the manjari as one is involved with sadhana. The more one practices the inner mood of a “kinkori” of Srimati Radhika as one is chanting , the faster is the development of the spiritual body. Another ideal way of smaranam is to mentally reproduce the feet signs of  Sriman Mahaprabhu, Sri Nityananda Prabhu, Srimati Radharani, Sri Krishna and so on. This is a very proven mechanism of faster development of the Siddha Deha. As one intensifies one’s sadhana and spends major portion of time in sadhana , the dream , waking and deep sleep states of the sadhaka gets altered. With the grace of Guru and Bhagawan , as the major portion of the siddha sarira gets developed, one may even get a deep vision of one’s siddha deha in the Leela Bhumi. The various intrinsic quality of the Bhava Sarira or the Siddha Sarira is the Mantra and nothing else. When the Lord feels appropriate , one is given a vision of one’s Bhava Sarira.  It is important to qualify as an ideal Vaishnava and have equal vision towards all living entities. As one develops these qualities , the Lord will select such a Vaishnava to the platform of a Sadhaka where only sadhana for the highest purpose of Seva Prapti becomes one’s sole life goal.

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