This website is dedicated to the disciples of Param Pujya Sri Sri 108 Premdasa Babaji Maharaj.Babaji maharajLatest Sri Gurudeva has established a temple at Sri Charan Pahari , Kujju village at Ramgharh Jharkhand India. The site of the temple is representative of the Jharikhand Leela of Sriman Chaitanya Mahaprabhu with the wild animals. The wild animals attained Sri Goloka Dhama after their brief encounter with the Kaliyuga Avatara, Sriman Mahaprabhu. A million salutations to Srila Gurudeva who single handedly discovered this holy place about 20 years ago which was hidden from world view by the will of Lord Gauranga (Sriman Mahaprabhu).It is Srila Gurudeva’s benign wish that one attains the feet of Sri Sri Radha Krishna with the special mercy of Sriman Mahaprabhu through the process of Raganuga Bhajana and Sadhana as introduced by Sriman Mahaprabhu. Srila Gurudeva wishes that the devotees of Sriman Mahaprabhu get introduced to this specific spiritual process whereby one attains personal service of the divine couple Sri Sri Radha Krishna through the Gaudiya Vaishnava way based on the practices as followed by the original followers of Sriman Mahaprabhu represented by the 6 Parivaras or families under the Gaudiya Vaishnava tree. “Babaji” as we fondly call Srila Gurudeva is a representative of the Nityananda Parivara , a major portion of this parivara is found at Radha Kunda in Braja Bhoomi. This website highlights the psyche and consciousness of the Gaudiya Vaishnava thought.

Our Gurudeva Param Pujya Sri Sri 108 Premadasa Babaji Maharaj belongs to the Nityananda Parivara tradition of the Gaudiya Vaishnava Parampara @ Radha Kunda. To have more details about the entire system and its philosophy you may download an e-book from our website called Krishna-Seva Prapti in the books section. Gurudeva’s Guru is Sri Madana Das Babaji Maharaj and Parama Guru is Srila 1008 Kunjabihari Dasa Babaji Maharaj.
Gurudeva arrived at Sridhama Vrindavana at the age of 10. He had the consent of his mother when he bid her farewell for good at that tender age. After getting down at Mathura he visited a kunda (water body) hungry and exhausted so that he could fill his hungry stomach with pond water. Suddenly out of nowhere a big fish made its appearance . The fish carried in its mouth a packet which it dropped on the bank where Gurudeva stood. Srila Gurudeva out of anxiety opened the packet. It had 3 rotis and some subjee along with a piece of chillie. Gurudeva thanked the Lord and had a hearty meal. Srila Gurudeva walked and went wherever his legs took him inside Vraja Dhama. At Radha Kunda where Gurudeva arrived there was a parikrama (circambulation) festival. As Srila Gurudeva walked round the Radha Kunda area suddenly he was pulled aside by a renunciant, his to-be Guru. Gurudeva was taken in the care of his Gurudeva by the Lord’s mercy. That night our Gurudeva who we call Babaji with love , had the direct darshana of Srimati Radharani who took hold of the little boy’s hand and showed him the 14 material worlds and the nitya Goloka Dhama. After this extra-terrestrial space visit Srimati Radharani asked the little boy “Do you want to know more ?”. The little boy innocently nodded indicating “no”. When Gurudeva suddenly woke up on his bed, he was able to decipher that this was not a dream and was actually a vivid spiritual experience. The little Gurudeva went to his spiritual master’s bed and demanded to be initiated into the Sanyasa Asrama. His Guru said ” There is more time to this , you should first learn the techniques of serving Sriji and Thakhuraji. We shall see” That night Gurudeva’s master got an order from Sriji Herself to initiate the young boy into sanyasa. The next day Gurudeva was sworn into Sanyasa. This is a brief about Srila Gurudeva’s arrival at Braja Dhama.
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