Ornaments of a Vaishnava

The material world is actually a great place. It is managed by Sri Maya devi (Both Jeeva Maya and Yoga maya). I say this because if there were no material world then there is no scope of Vaishnavas being generated from here and then being sent to the spiritual world. There was no scope of a “baddha” becoming a “bhakta” and then being promoted to the platform of Nitya Sevak on the transcendental platform.

gold-ornaments-250x250The material world is created so that patience is adequately tested. On who fails this test has to continue to give re-tests over and over again till the time that especially bhaktas become “perfected” so to say. We are often faced with tight situations as we combat the material world and where karmic activities as well as inherent stubborn behavior is put to test. We may face daunting situations at home , at the work front as well as with our spouse and with external agents. We get away with situations many times by getting angry , by feeling frustrated and by simply losing patience. The thing we do not realize that every time we do this , we are losing out somewhere. The point I am trying to make is beautifully demonstrated by Lord Krishna and the Pandavas of Hastinapura . The Pandavas were exploited by the Kauravas unnecessarily and yet the Pandavas were controlled by the Lord and were asked by Him to be forbearing and patient.They escaped innumerable murder attempts as well as cheating. But what put them to inexplicable poise and patience was the Lord’s gentle countenance and His abhaya mudra. Finally the Lord took their case to the court of Hastinapura where he represented His devotees; all this while the Pandavas only found solace in expressing their feelings to the Lord and never ever expressed it elsewhere. The Lord was their only advocate. At the court of Hastinapura , Duryodhana said that he would not part with even a piece of land as small as the tip of a pin. The Pandavas were ready to go to any extent in undergoing the worst trials and tribulation ; the condition being that they simply had the company of the Lord.The Lord showed immense patience towards Duryodhana because He is ever forgiving. Yet when obstinate Duryodhana would not yield ;  the Lord decided to completely vanquish Duryodhana and Hastinapura.

Thus a true devotee will never bother about being hindered by the pinches of the material world. He will simply be patient and be strong in his surrender and Bhajana. When such a mindset is developed ; then mayadevi ( Yog maya) slowly directs  the Bhakta and makes him ready to be taken over by the internal Leela Shakti of Bhagawan. Such a devotee is a personified form of patience and forbearance. Then the devotee will be able to discern his movement from Yogamaya to Leela Shakti where the Lord imbues in his heart the ingredients of Braja Bhava; where the devotee becomes extremely sensitive to the world around him. This patience will grant him the blessing of the 3rd verse of Shikshashtakam “Taror api sahishnunaam , amanina manadena” . The devotee will not then care for his comfort or well-being but will be naturally inclined to serve others and thus becomes a live conduit of Krishna Bhajana!

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