Bhajana Rasika

Bhajana is for people who are serious in attaining the eternal service of the Lord. Eternal service in the context of our material life represents the consciousness with which we attend to the needs of the material life and the quality of consciousness that is applied for service of the divine couple with the mind. A person anxious of serving the divine couple in their “Nikunja” pastimes or the confidential pastimes in the secret bowers of Vrindavana and Goverdhana takes Harinama and Deeksha from a Rasika devotee who is already serving the divine couple in that elevated mood. A person who has dedicated his consciousness for such transcendental service is typically a Rasika devotee who is inundated in the mood of Braja Rasa or the mellows of conjugal love.

Such a Rasika Bhakta externally is a renunciant who has nothing to do with materialistic work or materialistically inclined people. The Rasika is not interested in activities of this goswamisworld and is soaked in the nectar of the Bower pastimes of Sri Sri Radha Madhava. One who is interested in such a Rasika and seeks his company is fortunate. The process of Bhajana especially in the madhura bhava is very peculiar and specific to the land of Vrindavana and exists nowhere else in the world. The external aspects of a Rasika is that He considers  the Gopala mantra to be the objective of his very life which reveals to him the most confidential other-worldly pastimes of amorous love of the divine couple. The Rasika is a hand-maid in the pastimes serving Srimati Radha at a time when Srimati Radha is in communion with Her beloved Sri Nandanandana in the forest bowers of Vrindavana. The mood of the Rasika is beyond lust or anything that is worldly. Such a Bhakta is considered to be the most beloved of Srimati Radharani and is Her eternal associate.

Such a Rasika although ordinary in appearance is not an ordinary human being. Bhajana in the real sense is available to only the one who is surrendered to such a Rasika who is accepted as a Sadhguru by such an aspirant. An aspirant who seeks the highest service in the spiritual world as revealed by Sriman Mahaprabhu as His own internal mood is the Manjari Bhava. This is made available to only the beings of this Kaliyuga. Considering that we are 5000 years into the Kaliyuga of the 28th Chaturyuga of the 7th Manvantara in the 1st day of Brahma in his 51st year and on this 1st day of Brahma it is only once in this Kaliyuga that both Krishna and Mahaprabhu appeared, we are fortunate that the Rasika Bhakti sadhana has only been revealed now. Bhajana of this highest kind can be performed by a person who associates with Vrindavana Dhama and the Rasika Bhakta. Apart from chanting the Holy name an aspirant who aspires to serve the Lord as a follower of the mood of Srimati Radharani is only qualified for such Bhajana. This Bhajana is the heart of Raganuga sadhana and is free from awe and reverence of the Lord. The Lord remains subjugated to the desires of such a Rasika aspirant who yearns to be the personal servant of Srimati Radharani.

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