Success in Bhajana

It is said that one may or may not garner success in material life because success in material life is dependent on so many factors. Some of them are karma (past actions and their impending results), Religious merit (non-bhakti aspects especially the aspects of dharma, artha, Kama and moksha which may have accumulated or spent in past lives), collective karma etc. We see that many times in spite of the best efforts that one makes especially towards material success, one may still fail. In other cases we see that people apply little efforts and see success after success as if they are blessed with Midas touch. Hence it becomes literally impossible to figure out means for material success. On the other hand when one takes to Bhakti which in itself is a result of Kripa or mercy of Vaishnavas and the will of the Lord; the person who has entered bhakti is sure to succeed irrespective of any karmic load that may exist.

surya-sadhana_552d24ba25074When a person takes the shelter of a Sadhguru and takes Hari nama and Deeksha according to scriptural facts, all the impending aspects of karma is burnt at once. If at all there is a residue of karma owing to some lessons that may be learnt through some karmic experiences, a person who has taken to Bhajana with 100% sincerity has to succeed. There is no alternative of failure here. However there are some basics one needs to stick to. Enlisted below are simple ways of achieving success in Bhajana.

  • Decide your Prayojana. What do you want from Bhajana, Sadhana and the Bhakti process. Get this very clearly from the guru. A guru is a person who has achieved 100% success and has been directly appointed by the Supreme Lord Himself to guide other sincere aspirants. One needs to get in tune with the goal of the Sadhguru and the Parampara. The goal of the Parampara is essentially the goal of the Sadhguru. Only thing is that at a practical level the Sadhguru has laser sharp clarity of what to expect as the final destination and how to get there
  • Decide the Abhideya. This is the means to attain the Prayojana. What are the smaller aspects of our daily life where one includes certain practices based on one’s bent of mind which is discussed with the Guru. Then a clear set of devotional activities have to be cut out. When one performs these activities with extreme attachment on a daily basis which will include regular chanting of the Hari nama and the Deeksha Mantras and aspects of Smaranam that have to be done without fail keeping the vision on the Prayojana and feeling in the heart , the opportunity to serve Srimati Radhika and Krishna , one will instantly develop unparalleled attachment to such devotional activities that will put one on the road to developing the spiritual ego , where one already feels intense closeness to the divine couple as a result of the activities.

The way one is free from the worries of the material world is to instantly start worrying about one’s sadhana (aiming at the goal) and one’s bhajana (devotional activities) and make it a habit. The way one develops attachment to these activities, are to make it a point to visit Vrindavana Dhama very regularly as much as atleast twice a year. When one touches the holy land of Vrindavana, one is imbued with higher sentiments that will further one’s bhajana. Some of the devotional activities one can take up in consultation with Sadhguru especially in Raganuga Bhajana are:

  • Constantly chanting the Deeksha mantras and Hari nama
  • At the time of chanting single-pointedly, to remember the eight fold pastimes of Sri Radha and Krishna
  • Mentally conceiving one’s spiritual body (as given by Srila Gurudeva at the time of Deeksha) and trying to maintain it for as long as possible throughout the day
  • Trying to mentally participate in the divine leelas based on works like “Sankalpa Kalpadruma” by Srila Visvanath Chakravarthy Thakhura
  • Take up Nama Likhitam or the aspect of involving the senses in writing the names of Sri Radha and Krishna
  • Mentally remembering the foot symbols of Sri Radha , Krishna, Mahaprabhu and Nityananda Prabhu and practising them as often as possible throughout the day
  • Praying in the evening for atleast ten minutes to Sri Gurudeva and Srimati Radharani to grant access to Nikunja Leela.

When an aspirant takes one or some of these activities and commits oneself to it, there is no question of the aspirant failing to achieve his goal of Yugala Seva (Serving Radha and Krishna in the eternal world). The point is that one has to totally immerse oneself in these activities even at the risk of failing to attend some material responsibilities. The Lord always takes note of such attempts. The Supreme Lord is solely responsible in giving us the results of our Sadhana and Bhajana and the only qualification He looks for in an aspirant is sincerity and commitment unlike the factors required to succeed in material life. It is strange that people of this material world are generally committed to that which is transient and uncertain in results rather than being committed to that which is eternal and certain.

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