Philosophy of Mercy

People who have a background of Bhakti usually do not understand the concept of mercy too well. People use the word mercy in their life too liberally. When someone thinks of taking up Bhakti, they say if there is mercy they would take up Bhakti. Some say that if there is mercy then they shall be able to accept a Guru although a Sadhguru is available. Mercy has been taken too lightly in such a way that the real value of mercy has been totally ignored.

Mercy is that aspect of Higher grace which is operational only when the living entity has applied his entire force towards the Higher entity and completely surrendered one’s weaknesses.Mercy appears only when one has completely used up one’s free-will. Without first addressing one’s inner weaknesses towards a higher goal it is not truly possible to  experience mercy. People in institutions take association with so-called  devotees as holy association and attribute mercy as a result of mingling of such neophyte devotees.mercy-designstyle-love-heart-m Preaching in institutions are carried out without much value.The preachers hardly get any time for sadhana and are  involved too much with unnecessary association which is unsuitable for Bhajana. It is with such consciousness that preachers try to inculcate Bhakti in the hearts of neophytes. Mercy cannot be a product of associating with such preachers or such so-called saints who may appear to speak sense but in reality , such aural reception simply injects aversion to the genuine principle of Raganuga Sadhana.

Mercy cannot be attained by simply meeting elevated saints of Vraja either. Even if grace flows from the eyes of an elevated Mahatma, the devotee may not have the capability to retain the power of grace in one’s consciousness. On the other hand if a person identifies an important service at the place of a saint and delivers the service even in the absence of communication with the saint, when the saint discovers the useful service done by a devotee,he simply becomes happy and satisfied. By this process tons of mercy reaches the devotee in the most unexpected manner. Mercy flows through submission ,service and by the attitude of serving others attain Bhakti. One can never  attain mercy simply by crying for  mercy vocally by falling at the feet of a saint or even the Guru. Mercy is an independent facet and can only be accessed only through the principles of application of Bhakti. It is important to understand that if one accepts a Sadhguru in the Raganuga Sampradaya ,one should consider one’s Sadhguru as the direct representative of the Lord. It is wasteful for such devotees to meet and associate with other saints even if the saints are too elevated and are members of the same Sampradaya. Higher wisdom and mercy gets hindered when the devotee indulges in too much of other Sadhu Sanga , especially without considering one’s Sadhguru  as topmost. This flow of mercy is an important consideration and  may hinder one’s basic Sadhana process. When one gives the highest seat to one’s Sadhguru in one’s heart and only associates with him, mercy pours in abundance. Mercy is an independent force and does not flow by mere utterance or will. Even the most elevated saint does not have any control on mercy. A person who blames the aspect of mercy to coverup for one’s weakness or inability truly hinders the path of genuine mercy. The Supreme Lord has given independence to the aspect of mercy and such mercy cannot be purchased or bargained. It can be availed by only sincere aspirants who dedicate themselves for serving Bhakti Devi.

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