Stavavali- River stream of tears


Verse: 8

Sarit tīrārāme viraha vidhuro Gokula vidhor

Namdīm anyāṁ kurvan nayana jaladhara vitatibhih

Muhur mūrchāṁ mṛtakam iva viśvaṁ viracayan

Śacī sūnuḥ kiṁ me nayana śaraṇim yāsyati punaḥ


Will the world-enchanting son of Saci, who was struck by the feelings of separation from His beloved Sri Krishna, the moon of Gokula, who made another river with the streams of His tears , who repeatedly fainted and who thus made all his people like dead ever again pass by the window of my eyes?

Rasa Vyakhya (Purport of mellows):  Sriman Mahaprabhu was in the mood of Sri Radhika and in that mood, during His earthly pastimes, Mahaprabhu remained in Puri. In the vision of Sriman Mahaprabhu, The precincts of the temple at Jagannatha Puri and its adjoining surroundings reminded the Lord of Sri Dhama Vrindavana. The autumnal moon lit waters of the Indian ocean reminded the Lord of Yamuna. The Lord was steeped in the mood of Srimati Radhika. She looked forlorn and devastated watching the Lord speed towards Mathura with His elder brother seemingly without any care or concern for the Gopikas who were drowned in the mood of separation of the Lord. Sriman Mahaprabhu had rivers of tears flowing down his cheek that seemed to compete with the flow of the Yamuna waters. When the separation became unbearable the Lord simply fainted. The vision of the Lord was drenched in the salve of Divine love and that other than Krishna and His paraphernalia the Lord could not witness anything else.

Sriman Mahaprabhu’s life stands as a testimony for the jeevas of Kaliyuga, depicting the highest kind of love. There was no need for the Lord to put such elevated symptoms on display if it were not required for the living entities of the current generation. The Parampara ofchaitanya-mahaprabhu-pg68_l Sriman Mahaprabhu is established by the Lord Himself for the highest benefit of mankind. Many people try to take up humanitarian causes or philanthropic activities to relieve the burden of the soul. Although these activities may be considered to be pious, they are not the best.  Bewildered living entities follow different yoga systems for one’s uplift , however Sriman Mahaprabhu designed the best form of Yoga which is Prema Yoga , the highest representation of Bhakti Yoga which Sri Krishna briefly touched upon in the Bhagavad Gita. The life of Sriman Mahaprabhu and the ecstatic symptoms that He represented is an invitation for the modern man, to undertake a journey from the finite to the infinite realm of transcendental love. The basic entry level is the undertaking of the chanting of the Holy Name. Then is the undertaking of Deeksha and introduction to the Radha and Krishna mantra. Along with the activities one should undertake the study of the life of Sriman Mahaprabhu and Sri Nityananda Prabhu that will bless the aspirant into the marga or path of Prema. By consistent practice, one will enter into the mellows of the Paramour love between Radha and Krishna. This is the methodology one should employ if one is truly interested in emancipating oneself.

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