Winner through Loss

There are two domains in consideration especially in the context of Spirituality. One is the domain of dominion and other the domain of service. Jeeva Maya and Maha Maya represent the domain of dominion whereas “Nitya” Yoga Maya (The Maya of the Absolute kind) and Leela Shakti (The Maya prevalent in the Goloka) represent the domain of service. There is no guarantee that a person dressed as a”Pure” Vaishnava has truly entered the Yoga Maya space completely. Even a devotee who is on the path of God-realization has to time and again confront the aspect of “Jeeva” Maya and it is his transference from the domain of Jeeva maya to Yoga Maya that determines his perfection in spiritual service.

lossserviceSeva or service of the highest kind is service to Guru and in that manner service to the Supreme Lord. When the nature of this service becomes purified, the sadhaka is automatically transmuted to the zone of service of the highest kind. What determines the quality of such service?  The factors that determine purity of service are namely Intention of Service rendered to Guru and Bhagawan, absence of tinge of self-gratification, absence of ego-centric tendencies, an attitude of giving oneself up for the ultimate satisfaction of our worshipable deities, the mood of giving-up for the satisfaction of the Absolute, to make less and less of oneself with every service rendered, to pine for more service etc. These aspects of service will slowly relieve one from the aspect of “Jeeva” Maya which is the cause of our imprisonment. In reality there is no imprisonment in the material world. It is simply our attitude of dominion, the attitude of exploitation towards the material world that really encages us. For example when we go to a shop we tend to squeeze out the shopkeeper to “save” a few bucks. There is unnecessary argument of the pettier kind to which lot of energy is diverted. This does not mean that we allow ourselves to be cheated by others who have our own same mood of exploitation. Yet if one allows oneself to be conned consciously by the other is an enlightening process in itself!  One must consciously develop a “higher” mood to overcome one’s innate so-called state of exploitative “natural” state. This strength will be provided through the medium of bhajana only. Exploitation is the base of material nature. To allow oneself to be exploited under the benign eye of our sweet Lord is the appearance of higher spiritual intelligence. When one allows oneself consciously to be “exploited” by exploiters of the “material” kind, is actually the submission of our own “protective” and “insecure” nature. This can only happen when we fully submit our self to the Lord. Once the shell of “material insecurity and overprotective” attitude is broken consciously, the sadhaka is truly exposed to the benign protection of the Lord.

The secret of true surrender is our full submission to the will of the Lord without an atom of calculation. When one becomes absolutely fearless and is willing to lose anything for the Lord, one is said to be in the domain of service of the highest kind. Only a person who is fearless of the material world in totality is fit for higher service not otherwise. Although this process of submission may be gradual; one can implement free-will towards the attainment of this goal. A sadhaka who offers no-fight to the material world; one who is absolutely tolerant to the ways of the material world; one who is ready to lose everything even one’s family, one’s life or even one’s own self for the sake of the Lord’s pleasure is the true recipient of employment in the spiritual realm.

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