Anarthas Q/A – Part Three

Q.Bhagavat Gita says that the knot of the heart or “Hridaya Granthi” should be cut with the sword of knowledge.Is it Krishna who cuts this knot?

A.Our surrender to Srila Gurudeva is surrender to Krishna. It is is Srila Gurudeva who is non-different from Krishna who cuts this knot.

Q.It is said that in Bhakti all unwanted habits or Anarthas go away naturally.Should one consciously remove anarthas?

13-beautiful-horses-in-the-wild-nature-0-608A.If one is conscious ; then there will be no anarthas anyways. It is our attachment to body and “I”ness that give rise to anarthas. These unwanted things are removed when Bhajana is done under the instructions of the Spiritual master. Bhakti Devi is the internal potency of Sri Bhagawan. When one endeavours and becomes a devotee, one slowly develops vision inwards. This will relieve one of body consciousness. So then there is no question of anarthas remaining. They are removed automatically with the flourishing of Bhakti Devi. If there is a separatist mentality then anarthas rule. However on the path of Bhakti, there is only surrender. With surrender the living entity loses his identification with body and other things related to body. Thus the very root of anartha is weeded out through Bhakti. Such a surrendered devotee only aspires to do favourable service and will have no more ignoble motives related to body and mind. In processes of Jnana and Ashtanga Yoga ; one has to do pratyahara or a separate practice to control ones senses and thus a yogi makes separate attempts in this line. In uttama bhakti ; true surrender achieves all this effortlessly.

Q.But that applies to people who surrender 100 percent Isnt It?


Q.What is the result for those who have not surrendered completely in-spite of having taken Hari-Nama and Deeksha?

A.They will have incomplete results. It makes it difficult to forgo bodily connection. This is simple.

Q.Is it that by false preaching based on incomplete understanding results in more anarthas?

A.Preaching with half-baked knowledge , without proper realization of concepts leads in propagating anarthas and self-deception. The preacher himself will develop tons of anarthas if he propagates concepts without a proper realization of the same.

Q.From the very outset , is a surrendered bhakta situated in Swarup shakti?

A.Yes a bhakta who is 100 percent surrendered is situated in Swarup shakti. One who is thus surrendered does not face any obstacles in Bhakti.

Q.When pride , envy etc attack  elevated beings in the Bhakti society do we stand a chance?

A.In Uttama-bhakti there is no scope of any anartha remaining because such a being is surrendered. The shirt of anartha does not have a hanger of ego to hang on. Only in the presence of a separate ego ; anarthas and karmas stick on. Even in rare cases if an old karma raises its hood, Sri Bhagawan who has appeared in the heart of a surrendered devotee destroys the karma at the time of its fructification itself. There is nothing to worry for a surrendered sadhaka.

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