Deep Experience

The Project of Krishna Bhajana is for the deep experience. Our senses are addicted to sight, hearing, sound, touching, and tasting. When one is committed to the cause of serving Krishna in the absolute sense it becomes natural that the object world of sense perception interests us no more. This is the direct by-product of one’s non-calculated submission to the cause of service to Krishna. In such a scenario one is only interested in the subject matters pertaining to the Leela and glories of Krishna and one is either engaged in the 9 types of devotional activities that are pleasing to Krishna or involved with the extended limbs of serving through spreading the glories of the Lord and becoming a medium of helping extend Krishna Bhajana in the material world.

However having said this it will be of interest to note that if all these deeply satisfy us, then we are actually not in Krishna Bhajana. The symptom of Krishna Bhajana happening in the proper way is while engaged in Krishna Bhajana it produces in one more hankering and the zest to offer more service for the pleasure of Krishna. This tendency deepens with time. It is just like having ice-cold water on a hot summer night and feeling the same intensity of thirst immediately after gulping a litre of ice-cold water. All these are symptoms that Krishna Bhajana is happening the right way. The result of Krishna Bhajana is opportunities for more Krishna Bhajana and nothing else. Sometimes the hankering can become unbearably intense and the longing to have a glimpse of our cherished deity grows within the chambers of our heart which is being thus purified.

goloka-vrindavanaThe hankering to have a glimpse of the Lord is completely based on divine will. The Prayojana of Krishna Bhajana is eternal service to the moiety of Sriji in the spiritual realm that will increase the pleasure of the divine couple in the divine ambit. The manjari bhava sadhana in the Gaudiya Vaishnava parampara system is that catalyst which stokes the urge to have a glimpse into that divine arena where the eternal play (leela) is ever manifest. This searing urge is in itself the qualification for one to have a peep into the divine realm. The senses that had been turned outward are now tamed by intense sadhana and the mood of divine service developed through sadhu sanga and appropriate application of Vaishnava “Sadachar” (moralistic behaviour) and “shishtachar” (value based discipline). These very senses now attain special potency by the grace of Guru and Gauranga and are projected inward by divine will.

The aspect of smell comes alive suddenly and one starts sensing absolute divine fragrance while still fully and intensely conscious. The focus of the eyes becomes concentrated and divine vision throws open a magnificent vista of divinity which is truly other worldly. Such a vision should not be confused with what one refers in medical terminology as hallucination. During such an experience, there is a complete suspension of mundane activity. One’s mind, body and intellect are suspended. Yet the senses operate through the agent of the soul directly. During such an experience the soul exhibits its divine qualities under the direct supervision of the Lord. One may have a vision of the transcendental scenic beauty of Goloka with open eyes where the eyes themselves do not function but one is able to behold the scenic grandeur of Goloka and its inhabitants with laser sharp sensitive senses provided by Providence. The taste buds open up, one may even be able to “taste “what one sees. The Leela of the Gopis and the Lord may open up. The soul is temporarily transported to the divine realm which is beyond time and space; which is beyond the conscious, dream and deep sleep state. The experience can be so deep and rich beyond the dimensions of the material world. This entire thing one may experience if one is fortunate and eager enough. The Lord may award such an experience out of his own sweet will; but such an experience is fulfilling enough always for one to fall madly in love with the Krishna Bhajana process itself.

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