In Pursuit – Part Five

By giving Deeksha, the spiritual master will save the disciple from the recurring impetus of birth and death. He opens the deluded physical eyes of his dear disciple that are by their own nature unable to perceive Krishna and make them qualified to perceive spiritual things. The disciple thus blessed by his Guru begins Bhajana. Along with the material eyes all the other senses of the practitioner also become highly spiritualized and are made suitable to worship the Lord. It should be known that only an aspirant who is blessed with Deeksha, whose senses are spiritualized, is truly qualified to worship the Lord in spirit. Thus it is clear that mundane senses are unfit to worship Krishna. The Guru during the time of Deeksha offers the disciple and his senses to the Lord’s feet and establishes a specific relationship of the living entity with the Lord.

2014-07-11-gurusishyaforhpWhen a disciple thus surrenders at the feet of Sri Guru, he is instantly enabled to perceive the principle of Godhead, perceiving the Lord with devotional eyes anointed with the ointment of divine love. When the Lord is thus pleased with the surrender of the disciple, He places the power of His grace in the heart of the disciple wherein divine knowledge is automatically revealed. The relationship of the Guru and disciple is that of eternity; once established it is forever. The living entity may wander in different species or amongst same species over different life-times and in each life it has different sets of parents. However once the Guru-disciple relationship is established, birth after birth the disciple stays ever with the same Guru according to the time, the Guru in all the life-times make the disciple drink the ambrosia of bhajana blessing him with Prema, taking him to the Leela Kshetra (Pastime arena) of the divine couple and gives  him the service of his deity.

Thakhura Mahasaya says that when the compassion of the Lord becomes very dense, He who is an ocean of mercy assumes a tangible form and appears Himself as the Guru to benefit the living entity. A person who has a Guru who is a Rasika Bhakta (one who understands the sweet nectarine mellows of Radha Krishna’s conjugal pastimes) one may estimate the seamless compassion of the Lord Himself. When the student attains the knowledge of his relationship with Krishna through the boundless grace of Guru, the student at once loses interests in matters related to the body, he loses the “I” and “mine” concept related to material things and immediately develops deep possessiveness towards Sri Krishna like the streams of the river Ganga causing deep devotion to awaken within his heart. From this it is ultimately clear that one cannot cross the seemingly limitless ocean of material miseries without taking shelter of the Lotus feet of Sri Guru.

A conditioned being however materially intelligent he may be has forgotten his constitutional position and has been averse to the Lord from beginning less time. If such a living entity cannot even understand his own constitutional position then how can he endeavour to behold Krishna as long as this ignorance remains? A living entity is first of all covered with illusion or moha; he does not understand what to do or what ought not to do. Then he is covered with maha moha or the tendency to blindly desire enjoyment of the senses. Then he is covered with tamisra or anger arising in the heart because of thwarted enjoyment of the senses. The next layer of corruption of the living entity is andha tamisra or the tendency of protecting one’s enjoyment when it is under threat of extinction. All these are the works of Jeeva maya. By the grace of Sri Guru these tendencies are uprooted and ignorance is removed as a concomitant consequence of surrender of the living entity at the feet of Sri Guru. There is no other remedy for such maladies arising out of Maya.

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