Bumble Bee

The mood of Sriji which even beats the stage of Prema or Maha bhava is called Mana. This transcendental emotion is only available in Goloka. Mana is the emotion of Sri Radhika which is defiant of even Sri Nandanandana. Sriji is so intensely attached to Krishna that in that attachment, she develops defiance. Her pride in this mood is unparalleled. She describes Krishna in many ways to express the nectarine spiritual anguish in separation.

BumbleBeeShe says “Oh bumble bee you go from flower to flower, you are just like that cheat Krishna. Your colour Oh bee is black and your whiskers are yellow golden”. Krishna goes from Gopi to Gopi and drinks the nectar of their youth. He goes to Sriji and increases Her mood of ecstatic union and then leaves Her in agony. This develops a mood of defiance in Sriji that the Lord witnesses and enjoys most. She compares the Lord to the Bumble bee who drinks the nectar from Golden Lotuses in the spiritual world, which colour the whiskers of the bee golden. The bee enjoys its journey from flower to flower at the same time gets intoxicated by the nectar that it drinks from the flowers. It is in one such flower that the Bumble Bee gets drugged heavily and slowly loses its vitality to fly because of the intoxicating ecstasy it experiences. The day passes in that ecstasy and the bee continues to play with the inner parts of the golden Lotus and day passes into the domain of night. The petals of the Golden Lotus close-in and grasp the bee fully and the bee although equipped with the might to flutter its buzzing wings , simply lets go of its ability and continues to enjoy in the association of the inner parts of the Golden lotus, drugged by the nectar of the Lotus.

The whole representation above can be seen in two ways. The first way is for the Rasika Bhaktas who see the Golden Lotus as Sriji and the Bee as Krishna. The golden whiskers of the bee represent the thirst of Krishna for the nectar of Sriji. When the bee drinks the nectar of the ambrosial reservoir of Sriji, He is captured completely intoxicated by the beauty and sweetness of Sriji and His ability to enjoy with other Gopis (the weakness of the wings of the bumble bee entrapped in the Golden Lotus) is lost. Thus Sriji and the Lord enjoy with each other at nightfall.

The other way to look at this is that of the bumble bee which represents the devotee who perches on different flowers which represent the various moods of the Lord as described in multifarious Vedic scriptures which includes the mood of veneration in the various Vaikuntha Planets. However the Golden Lotus represents the ambrosial and intoxicating association of the divine couple which represents the sweetest among all forms of the Lord as given to the devotee world by Sriman Mahaprabhu. Thus when a devotee develops the mood of enjoying the rasa of the divine couple represented by the Golden Lotus, the senses of the devotee which were so hard to restrain all the while although involved with other forms of the Lord or other Vedic encounters of the Lord’s pastimes finally becomes totally subdued by the leela of the divine couple that are even beyond the reach of Vedic literature or wisdom as described by the eternal associates of Sriman Mahaprabhu which finally capture the otherwise uncontrollable senses of the devotee. Thus subdued the devotee drown into the endless nectarine glories of the divine couple in the Nikunja Leela thus being grasped by the soft petals of the Leela  as the night of ignorance is forgotten in such Leela.

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