Mantra Sadhana

There are two moods in Sri Gaudiya Vaishnavism which is directly dependent on the mood of Sriman Mahaprabhu. One is the external mood which is universal and one is the internal mood which is specific. The external mood refers to the mood of the jeeva and the internal mood refers to the mood of a sadhaka. The Parivaras of Gaudiya Vaishnavism especially Nityananda Prabhu toiled for the welfare of the jeeva while the six Goswamis of Vrindavana set the protocol for serious seekers or the sadhakas.

The Hare Krishna Mahamantra represents the external mood of Sriman Mahaprabhu and has universal appeal. Anyone and anybody could chant the Mahamantra without any specific decorum of chanting.logo31 The basic demeanour of the jeeva which is cheating propensity and animal nature gets tamed as the jeeva takes to continuous chanting of the Mahamantra. However the Mahamantra keeps the jeeva nature under check but will not be able to single-handedly make the jeeva attain its divine nature. However unabated chanting of the Mahamantra can open new doors for the sincere jeeva and take one towards the ultimate emancipation including Bhuta shuddhi and final redemption of the bound nature of the jeeva.

Once the jeeva takes upto continuous chanting of the Holy name, the jeeva is led to sadhana of a serious kind. The Holy name cleanses various layers of the natural elements within the gross and subtle bodies of the jeeva. The jeeva gets naturally inclined to serious aspects of sadhana and gets directed to the Sadhguru by divine will. One of the most important aspects of attaining a Sadhguru is the reversal of the jeeva to an inward journey which represents the inner mood of Sriman Mahaprabhu. The nuances of the various divine mellows of Sriman Mahaprabhu represent the inner mood. Once the Sadhaka attains mantras from the Sadhguru, he takes upto specific mantra sadhana, This sadhana is of a deeper kind and the sadhaka practices these mantras along with the mahamantra. The most important mantras of the various sets of mantras are the Guru Mantra, The Gopala Mantra and the Radha mantra. All these Beeja mantras are accompanied by the Gayatri mantras. When the sadhaka undertakes the chanting of the Guru Mantra in the mind, it awakens the Guru Tattva in the heart which continuously guides the inner faculties of the sadhaka by which the sadhaka matures. The sadhaka becomes mature to take immaculate life decisions and becomes steadfast in Bhajana. The Gopala Mantra and the Gayatri connects the sadhaka to the Lord and one will be able to connect to the Leelas of the Lord. The inner connection with the Lord is established and one will become free of all deficiencies. When one chants the Radha Mantra , the siddha swarupa of the sadhaka gets developed and one will be able to connect with the Nitya Leela. As one takes up Mantra Sadhana in the form of a Sadhaka under a Sadhguru, the Gross, Subtle and Causal bodies of the sadhaka gets cleansed. One has to undertake atleast 32 rounds of each mantra at a given time for maximum benefit. All Gross ailments and gross disturbances start disappearing with the regular chanting of mantra. Emotional disturbances and deep pain, extreme fear and attachment of the material world start to disappear. The soul starts knowing untold pleasure and joy and one will be encouraged to take up continuous chanting of the mantra. The culmination of the chanting of the Beeja Mantras and Gayatri is the attainment of one’s spiritual body which appears directly in one’s vision. As one prepares to leave the material world , one will directly take the spiritually conceived body and enter the spiritual realm easily.


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