Power of Bhava

Bhava is extremely powerful. When one reaches the state of Bhava, a person is immediately released from the clutches of birth and death. This bhava initially manifests in the individual after the stage of extreme attachment to Sriman Mahaprabhu. When there is no more wandering in the cycle of birth and death, a true Bhakta will be blessed to understand the transcendental moods of Gaura parikaras (the associates of Sriman Mahaprabhu). During this stage the Bhakta will be able to freely conceive the moods of Sriman Mahaprabhu’s dear associates even if the Bhakta has not heard of the parikaras in advance. Through direct spiritual transmission of the eternal realm the moods will be transmitted freely. This will result in the phenomenon of “Ashta Satvika Bhavas”. Externally there will be manifestation of goose pimples, crying, choking of voice, colour of the skin becoming pale or bright and so on.

At an advanced stage of sadhana and bhajana, the conception of bhava starts deepening and there will be complete realisation of one’s eternal purpose on the material plane and ones service on the material plane. As sadhana further intensifies, as an aspect of Raganuga Bhakti, the aspirant will be able to attain the entire mood and physical features of the dear followers of Sri Krishna in Goloka. The eternal service and mannerisms of that conceived Radha-Krishna parikara will manifest and the Bhakta will be able to easily travel from Goloka to Bhauma Vrindavana and to Bhauma Nabadwipa or that aspect of Goloka that is called as Svetadwipa. This is the stage of Prema. At the stage of Prema , the parikara will be able to consciously appear and disappear in the various planetary systems based on the service that Sri Krishna wants the parikara to render anywhere in the manifest and unmanifest creation within the domain of time and space as also beyond the realm of time and space. This is perfect, the summum bonum of all spiritual practices.

A beauty of this kind, we find in the life of Sri Abhirama Thakhura, the dear associate of our Lord Sriman Mahaprabhu. In Krishna Leela, His dear friend and the brother of Srimati Radharani, Sridama entered into the cave of Goverdhana after his sister Srimati Radhika and the Lord consummated their earthly pastimes of this Solar system. In separation from them, Sridama went into a deep trance and entered into Goloka with his Leela Sarira still present at Bhauma Vrindavana. Since Goloka is beyond time and space and Sridama in another “prabhava” (Belonging to the source planet) manifestation, there was no track of time in the consciousness of Sridama. lord-caitanya-dances-in-harinaam-sankirtan Meanwhile Kaliyuga had arrived where the source of Guru Tattva Sri Nityananda Prabhu was on a pilgrimage with a saint At Vrindavana. In a state of bhava of Krishna Leela, Nitai entered the cave in Goverdhana where Sridama was in Samadhi. Nitai is the self-same Baladeva but now in His Kaliyuga form came to the place where Sridama of Krishna Leela sat in a trance. Nitai in the internal mood of Baladeva called “Sridama what are you doing here, sleeping?, Krishna is calling you and you are sitting here with your eyes closed”. When Sridama’s own name reverberated in his ears, the trance was broken and he saw Nitai inebriated in the mood of Baladeva. Sridama exclaimed “Hey Baldau, how is it that you look so short and your features are so different; I can recognise that you are my friend Balarama but I do not see the same body”. When Nitai heard this, he immediately changed His form to that   of the more than 70 feet tall Balarama and with His plough on the head of Sridama, shrunk him to a height of about 8 feet. Sridama had now become Abhirama Thakhura with sharp fair features. Balarama also attained His mood and form of Nitai and both Thakhura moved out of the cave of Goverdhana.

This was the time when Abhirama Thakhura a resident of Mayapur, realised his eternal connection with Sri Krishna as he was lost in Bhava during a Sankirtana session at the courtyard of Srivasa Thakhura were our beloved Sriman Mahaprabhu and the indescribably benevolent Nitai erupted with ecstasy.

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