Identifying a Sadhguru

Identifying a Sadhguru is one of the most challenging part in a disciple’s life. Actually there is no process!! The Sastras may have a lot of guidelines but no disciple can be there in the presence of a Guru 24X7 , 365 days to identify whether the Guru whom he is following is a full blown God-realized “Sadhguru”. It becomes amazingly difficult to identify a Sadhguru. It is said in the Sastras that attaining the Lord is “impossible” without taking shelter of a Sadhguru.This is an undeniable fact!!

Yet there is a practical process. If the sadhaka “only” desires the service of Sri Hari in the core of his heart with no other intention material and spiritual whatsoever , then things become easier.Such a sadhaka invests his emotions in serving Vaishnavas, because he is sure that by such service the Lord will grant him shelter soon in the form of a Sadhguru. As one surrenders at the feet of Vaishnavas ; the Lord automatically graces the sadhaka with lot of His transcendental experiences in proportion to the “bhava” generated in the heart of the sadhaka through such Vaishnava seva and Hari nama. Such a service can even transcend the scope of all Sastric injunctions, though the mood of the sadhaka may not ever transgress the code of the Sastras. At an experiential level the Lord in the form of Caitya Guru communicates with the sadhaka as a result of intense sadhana and seva. Such a sadhaka experiences the Lord almost directly though he maybe a little away from seva prapti because this can be granted to him only and only by a Sadhguru. During the course of such intense experience the Lord exposes to the sadhaka very nicely what is genuine and what is covered inspite of the sadhaka’s innocence to know what is right and what is wrong. Such a sadhaka never ever tries to use his mundane intelligence as he very well knows this fact that using mundane intelligence in matters regarding the Lord is debilitating. Using mundane intelligence also delays the process of  “Spiritual attainment”. Then after the Lord takes the sadhaka through a thorough set of experiences ; the sadhaka meets the eternal  Sadhguru and gets convinced without an iota of doubt that he has reached his destination and there is very little to want after this. Service to such a Sadhguru then becomes his only objective. This is because serving such a Sadhguru is direct service to the Lord. Thus there remains no shadow of doubt that the sadhaka has attained his nitya seva. Bhajana is the process by which the higher aspects of non-documented(hidden) realities become a part of the sadhaka’s life. Bhajana cements the eternal relationship between Sadhguru and the sadhaka.

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