Stavavali-Erotic Elegance


Verse 7

Mudā dantair daṣṭva dyuti vijita bandhūkam adharaṁ

karaṁ kṛtvā vāmaṁ kaṭi nihitam anyaṁ parilasan

samutthāpya premnāgaṇita pulako nṛtya kutukī

Śacī sūnuḥ kiṁ me nayana śaraṇim yāsyati punaḥ


Will that son of Saci whose lips resemble the fully blossomed Bandhuka flower, who bites those lips defeating cupid, having placed His left hand on His hip and raised His other hand as He danced drunken with ecstatic fervor, the hairs of His body standing on end, ever cross the path of my eyes?

Rasa Vyakhya (Purport of mellows):  Gaur Leela is an invitation to a person to enter the realm of transcendental ecstasies. One in bound condition can never imitate these flavored pastimes of the Lord nor understand or grasp the mellows encapsulated in these pastimes. Dasa Goswami is an eternal servant of Sriman Mahaprabhu. Dasa Goswami’s Bhajana at Radha Kunda elevated him to the platform of erotic humor, the summum bonum of Rasika sadhana. One who reaches the summit of Raganuga Sadhana will be automatically thrown into the ocean of Sringara Rasa or the mellows of conjugal pastimes of Sri Radha and Krishna.

Sriman Mahaprabhu witnessed Sri Jagannatha from the Garuda pillar every day completely absorbed in the mood of Srimati Radhika. During the Ratha Yatra festival, Sriman Mahaprabhu welcomed the Bengali devotees headed by Sri Nityananda Prabhu and Sri Sivananda Sena. The Bengali devotees would spend the 4 months of Chaturmasya in the transcendental association of Sriman Mahaprabhu. The Lord would usually be in the mood of the “Nayika” or Radharani and danced ecstatically in front of the “Ratha”. He would see Himself as the most beloved of the one who rode the Ratha, Sri Jagannatha. When the heroine dances to impress the hero,1b4851dac20f9bbb88625ef68810c7df she would exhibit the most exquisite moods to capture the attention of the hero. Sriman Mahaprabhu bit His lips in the exotic fervor of one bathed in Prema for the Lord. Many times the Ratha would stop and Sri Jagannatha would wait transfixed looking at Sriman Mahaprabhu. This was the peak of Madhurya Rasa which the devotees from Bengal got to witness. There were Kirtana parties that surrounded both the Lords as Puri reverberated with the sound of “khol”, mrindanga and cymbals. The Holy Name was being chanted in frenzy. People simply erupted with the mood of ecstatic love. Every individual was drenched with tears of love and our Lord Mahaprabhu bathed from head to toe in His own tears and squirted tears from His transcendental eyes on to other’s body. People were quite amazed looking at Sriman Mahaprabhu shedding tears, horripilating, shivering, perspiring and roaring. The movement of the Ratha from Nilacala (Blue Mountain) to Sundaracala (beautiful mountain) satisfied Lord Mahaprabhu. The Lord felt happy that His Lord (Sri Jagannatha) was at last being carried from Dwaraka to Vrindavana. This was the mood of union. This thought made erotic feelings erupt in the heart of Lord Mahaprabhu just as Srimati Radhika would feel when Sri Nandanandana were to return from Dwaraka to Vrindavana.

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