0103-RG–Vishada Yoga 1.3

Pashyaitaam paanduputraanaam

aachaarya mahateem chamoom;

Vyoodhaam drupadaputrena

 tava shishyena dheemataa.


“Behold, O Teacher, this mighty army of the sons of Pandu, arrayed by the son of

Drupada, thy wise disciple!”

RG Purport:  Duryodhana represents vanity. It is only the habit of vain people to talk highly about oneself to others without being concerned about the stature or position of others. Duryodhana represents this quality in human nature. Dronacarya on the other hand represents an erstwhile Brahmin who forsook his constitutional position for the sake of money. He was overtly attached to his son who was made to drink finely ground rice-water because as a Brahmin who lived on alms it was not possible for him to afford milk for his little child. Dronacarya hence accepted the position of Guru, given to him by Bheeshma for training the young Pandavas and Kaurava in warfare. Dronacarya was paid from the coffers of the Kurus. The brahmanas before this time were only allowed upkeep through 6 means namely doing yagna and getting yagna done, giving gifts and accepting gifts from the right sources, teaching and studying Shastras. Dronacarya became the first one to violate this law by accepting servitude to the Kurus. Hence he was now in a position of compromise. Those were the days when Brahmins were highly respected because of their constitutional position. Dronacarya had lost all his respect and was considered by Duryodhana in his heart simply as a servant. Such was the pitiable condition of Dronacarya. Duryodhana wanted to poke both the Pandavas as well as Drona himself with his vain statements.

Knowing that the Kaurava rank was much larger than the Pandava force, Duryodhana out of vanity asks his preceptor Drona to survey the Pandava Army. King Drupada was a friend turned enemy of Drona and had sought a son who could slay Drona. This was known to both the Kurus and Drona. However owing to brahminical qualities , well aware that the son of Drona will be responsible for his death , the great preceptor of the Kuru dynasty accepted him as his disciple and distributed knowledge to him as he did to the Kurus and Pandavas. Duryodhana wanted to indirectly tell Drona on the battlefield that this son of Drupada who is getting prepared to kill his own Guru, thereby addressing Dhrishtadyumana (son of Drupada) as “wise”, is orchestrating the army of the Pandavas having taken the position of Army chief. Thus Duryodhana in some way alleged Drona for the current situation.

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