Evangelism of Purity

Krishna Bhajana is for everyone. It is said in the Bhagavat Gita that anyone who spreads the names and glories of Krishna are specially favoured by the Lord. This is the Lord’s promise. The question however is how we should propagate His word and His glory. Is there a need for a decorum or should we just take the words of Sriman Mahaprabhu “Become a Guru and spread Krishna’s name” literally? Should there be more serious thought on the channel of propagation given or should it be just done in a mood of “reach out” frenzy?

A thing that should be always borne in mind is that Krishna Bhajana means purity and purity alone. The tenets of Krishna Bhajana should be spread by a vessel which is in itself committed to the highest good of society even if it means sacrifice of the highest order on the personal front. Spreading of the pure names of Krishna can only happen through a surrendered entity. One may appear to be surrendered from a social standpoint, One may have the social status of a mendicant or a “Swami”, however this is not a criteria at all. It is only the Lord who sanctions the purity of the vessel and personally empowers such a being. Some examples of empowered entities are  Thakhura Bhakti Binode, Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswatipada, Srila A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami , Pandita Ananta Dasa Babaji Maharaj etc. Such individuals are the torch-bearers of society. However certain organizations which came into being at a particular time, place and circumstance, setup for a specific purpose try to make Krishna Bhajana available for the common mass. In trying to do so the very process of preaching has become contaminated.

Preaching has become an objective of promoting an Organization or a Group. Programs and facilities are being promoted to the common man who is now posing as a devotee based on certain half-baked criteria provided. In the name of Krishna Consciousness , Krishna is being taken from door to door like a commodity and general people who are still far away from sadhana are being referred as “devotees”. When the aspect of association comes, general population who attend meetings and programs mingle with one another and this is stamped as association. What all this breeds is competition for position and possession. It breeds contempt and it thoroughly breeds duplicity. One should bear in mind that Krishna is transcendental. He is not within every body’s reach , whether one likes it or not. He cannot be enjoyed alongside a comfortable family life and a high-flying job. Anybody who propagates such “Krishna Attainment” is “sincerely” lying.

Krishna is the last resort , only available when one’s material life ends. Unless we are stoked with separation from Him , He cannot be achieved. Krishna is very patient. He wants us , but on His terms and conditions. Gauranga Mahaprabhu set an example, the Six Goswamis have set an example, Srinivasa Acarya has set an example, Thakhura Mahasaya has set an example, The Saints of Vraja have set an example. If we sincerely try to follow these examples ,essencepresence the Lord is with us. He will not want us to be in trouble and suffer. Our sincere intention will simply get His attention. When we sincerely take a baby step towards Him , He will come to us and hold us in His arms. This is Krishna Bhajana. Attending Congregations and social welfare programs will not get us anywhere. One has to inquire about Sadhana , one has to inquire about a Sadhguru , search and commit. This is the path towards Krishna. Becoming a Guru is the result of Bhajana. One cannot become a Guru and then “preach” to others. This will only propagate “ill” values. One has to burn the wick of prayer in one’s heart and long for the Lord ; then the Lord first gives Himself to you and make you a Guru. This is the actual process. One need not worry for a position of a Guru , it will come to one naturally through intense Sadhana and renunciation. This Guru will be effective. A Guru does not require any organization or a setup. He does not need disciples necessarily. His mere thought process will spread in the environment and create sincere disciples. This is the position of a Sadhguru. One need not be a preacher of Krishna Consciousness. One has to be an evangelist of purity , a live conduit of Krishna Bhajana.

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