A bazaar back to Godhead

The aspect of Krishna Bhajana that deals with the living entity’s ultimate goal or Prayojana has three touch points. These are the Sadhu, Sadhguru and Shastra. Any other means that is used to relate the living entity and Krishna Bhajana may appear to be useful but it is not quite so. Depending on the hidden desires and motives of human beings (living entities who take up to Bhakti) ; various arrangements are done by the Supreme Lord usually arranged by an aspect of His sandhini potency or Yogmaya. Yogmaya has setup various institutions and setups that dish out various flavours of how to perform Krishna Bhajana and the means to reach Him so that “One goes back home, back to Godhead”. The offer is quite attractive but not entirely useful in achieving the objective. Depending on the sincerity and the spiritual greed of living entities; Yogamaya takes the living entity to the widely spread out Spiritual Bazaar so to say.

Thanks to the sprawl brands of spiritual institutions that have done remarkable work in getting the basics of Krishna Bhajana in place but they fall short of guiding a sincere aspirant to the final goal. Leave alone attaining the final goal; there is a lack of grand-bazaar_shopunderstanding overall at such spiritual fares as to what is the final goal of Krishna Bhajana. In such a scenario the living entities who started off on the right path; slowly lose the objective in the long run. The spiritual organizations that eulogize Krishna claim to show you the path to Godhead; have their own well designed internal objectives. In the name of Service to Krishna; a lot of associations are formed that revolve around nurturing devotees and giving them an experience of sorts. The plan is to encourage participation from devoted followers who have a host of “Gurus” who guide them along the path of Krishna Bhajana and in return, get the means to cultivate and maintain lavish temples. Temples are sponsored by the cream of influential and rich patrons who swear by their Gurus and talk of surrender! Well everything is rosy and picture perfect. People are very much certain that they are going back home, back to Godhead. The folks that participate in such spiritual groups are looking out for some ego-massaging, some recognition and a lot of attention from guardians of such plush spiritual setups who are freely distributing “Krishna”.

This is very unfortunate because we are deviating from the basic principle of Krishna Bhajana. The place for Krishna’s residence is not in temples but the white butter like hearts of seekers who sacrifice their attachment to this ephemeral world and are single-pointed towards the Prayojana of attaining Love of Godhead; in the truest spirit and not merely through psychological rhetoric. When 100 people claim that they are on the way back home back to Godhead; there is a group of another 10,000 who deliriously follow this set of 100 without first enquiring scientifically of how this is possible. The term “faith” is being used very liberally today and people just follow wearing blinkers and just rush towards an unknown destination. Yes, the intention of people is genuine; however one should always use intelligence and refer time and again as to whether one is shooting in the right direction. The movement of Sriman Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is the most genuine of all recent movements; of this there is no doubt. This is also an established fact. However there are myriads of such movements who show history and claim to be authentic. This is Kaliyuga and the Lord is very benevolent. He does guide a sincere aspirant in the form of the Chaitya Guru. It also becomes the duty of intelligent folk to develop a submissive questioning mind ; the answers to which will guide the sincere aspirant. We should be extremely attached to the cause of Krishna Bhajana and seek guidance.

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