Sadhguru Surrender Insights

When one surrenders to a Sadhguru in the Gaudiya Vaishnava parampara line, one is guided by the Sadhguru externally and the caitya guru internally. Dissemination of knowledge and establishment in wisdom for one who is surrendered becomes a continuous process. Unless such learning is happening one can never conclude on one’s surrender to the Spiritual master. Surrender to the spiritual master simply means being relieved from one’s accumulated compulsive nature. It also means that one is returning back to innocence and slowly switching from perceived mayic independence to dependence on the Supreme in totality.

All of us are absolutely conditioned by material nature and to be relieved of this may take guru-paduka-1170x396life-times or will not ever happen; thus being eternally bound to the plane of materialistic life. The presence of a Sadhguru in one’s life indicates that one is chosen by the Lord. It is simply an opportunity provided by the Lord to the living entity whereby one can qualify to enter the transcendental domain. However in this context there are two specific considerations. One is the use of our minute free-will in the field of surrender to Sadhguru and second the domain which is outside of free-will of the living entity. The Lord provides us a great leverage by enabling us to use free-will. When this free-will is intelligently used under the guidance or “anugatya” of a Sadhguru, one will be able to widen the perimeter of free-will thereby reducing the domain outside of free-will. The domain outside of free-will is directly managed by either Maya Devi or the Lord depending on how a living entity uses free-will. If the living entity is manipulative or treacherous or selective in service acting according to the dictate of material nature, Maya Devi automatically shrinks the perimeter of free-will of the living entity. However if the living entity is continuously under the anugatya or guidance of the Sadhguru and extremely vigilant of the treacherous mind then the Lord commands Maya Devi to widen the perimeter of free-will of the living entity.

However the periphery of free-will of the aspirant is only widened by the Lord so that the aspirant surrenders entirely to Sadhguru and one hands over one’s complete reins into the hands of the Sadhguru. This is success in Bhajana. When one’s wants shrink and one does not make a difference of material matters and spiritual matters while confiding in the Sadhguru, one is considered as extremely fortunate. A sincere aspirant is one who considers the Sadhguru as one’s father, mother and Guardian in all respects and depends whole-heartedly on the Sadhguru and lovingly renders service unto the Sadhguru thus automatically gets qualified to enter the transcendental zone of the Lord. One should only depend on Sadhguru for one’s own basic needs after having given one’s all for higher service even without trying to maintain a separate identity with the Sadhguru. This attitude is likened to the dependence of a new-born baby on its mother. The mood of such dependence is complemented with the aspirant’s intention to serve the Sadhguru at all times without caring for one’s own convenience. One who is ready to even give up one’s life for the Sadhguru melts the heart of the Lord and receives infinite glory. Such an aspirant becomes the ultimate source of inspiration to one who walks the path of unadulterated Bhakti.

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