Purification of Mind

Human Consciousness has 4 distinct hubs around which the internal world of a living entity functions. They are Buddhi, Ahankara, Manas and Chitta. Out of these constituents Buddhi and Ahankara are outward focused. Mana is both inward and outward focused. Chitta is thoroughly inward focused. Ahankara is of no use for spiritual practices. Buddhi decides what is right action and what is wrong action based on the content of Manas. Chitta is a faculty which is most used for deep spiritual practices and it connects one to the Supreme Being through Sadhana.

Performing right action through the guidance of Buddhi is the preliminary act that one has to engage in if one wants to become one-pointed in Sadhana. Buddhi has to be purified so that irrespective of time, place and circumstances the individual always performs action which is in line with Dharma. Unless one is straight-forward in one’s actions without duplicity one cannot even start sadhana. The next most important aspect in one’s consciousness ismind mind (Manas). One cannot become internally focused unless one has purified the mind. Mind gets contaminated when the senses indulge in sense-enjoyment or brood over matters which sap the human system of vital force. The mind which is externally focused most of the times should be slowly trained to become internally focused by engaging it on matters which will lead to its purification. Some of the activities that can be undertaken for the purification of the mind are discussed. One should read and study the works that talk about the philosophy and divine pastimes of Sri Krishna and Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. It should be noted that one has to take up a serious study and not indulge in casual reading. When one takes up serious study, the contamination of the mind will slowly get removed. One should read and memorize the poetic works written in praise of the Lord. The more one contemplates on these works; the compulsive patterns of the mind will dissolve. It will also eliminate any addictions of the mind. One should also take Sadhu Sanga and spend some time in service. One should avoid the company of so-called or neophyte devotees who in the garb of being devotees of Krishna indulge in unnecessary worldly talk. One can also memorize the signs on the footprints of the Lord. This is a powerful way to eliminate deep-rooted samskaras or impressions of even past lives. The more one practices this; the mind will become light and become subdued. It will remain fresh and become a servant of the Buddhi. By purification of the mind even the Buddhi gets purified. The purified mind then opens a window to the chitta, the channel to the superconscious. Only an individual who has subdued the mind thus is capable of performing any sadhana. Taking the names of the Lord will be effective only once the mind is purified. Some people chant the Holy Name to purify the mind. Although this is one of the processes, it is protracted and it will take a long time to purify the mind thus. Moreover chanting thus also causes various kinds of Nama Apradha. However once the mind is purified, One can immediately focus one’s attention to chanting. Chanting with a purified mind will take one to the platform of the chitta. Dedicated chanting on the platform of chitta will transform an individual and place one on the platform of a perfect devotee. One will be able to connect with the moods of the Lord and one can practice the system provided by the Parampara with cent percent efficacy thereby making the Darshana of the Lord easily possible when the chitta becomes fully concentrated with the mellows derived from intense chanting.  

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