From Gross to Subtle

The world is spinning and so is our mind. The whole of existence is in the wake of spin. However if we analyze closely we will observe that the phenomenal world is the spin of consciousness. Consciousness is the canvass on which the painting of life comes alive. This consciousness can be grasped in this way. When a painter has a brush soaked in paint. He has a blank canvass which is very long on a horizontal platform. He strokes the brushes in just one go from left to right across the canvass. We see that the paint is thicker and deep at the point from where the painter started the stroke but the stroke of paint becomes successively thinner and fades as the painter strokes along, to the end of the canvass.

677-interior-exterior-house-painting-tips-5The paint is the same, the brush is the same, the canvass is the same yet something has changed in the concentration of the paint. This is how consciousness functions in the phenomenal world. The grosser aspects of consciousness are verily the material conception of the phenomenal world. The brush is the awareness of a living entity. The painter who is dragging the paint brush is the intelligence of the living entity. The deep paint at the start of the stroke is material life, the more of things and society. The end of the stroke is the subtlest aspect of Consciousness which is the canvass itself on which has no paint, the pure one. The paint and the canvass are made of the same 5 basic elements. Yet the canvass is the one which is light, that which is free of any paint!

When intelligence is purified of the paint of material conception, we end up with the source, Krishna. When one purifies one’s heart (the brush) with the (turpentine) of Bhajana, the strokes of the intelligence (brush) on the canvass (existence) becomes a play (Leela) where there are no traces left. A heart that is purified can cause no harm, no pain. Although many strokes of the brush are caressed along the canvass, it only moves with grace. Even rough strokes of the brush will not cause any trace.

Similarly when the heart is purified by the mercy of Sri Guru and Bhajana, there can be no question of Aparadha, even though certain actions of such a devotee may seem harsh and ruthless. A loving heart only knows love and prayer. A devotee who is in Bhajana can never ever cause hurt. Although he may use rough language, his heart will be full of spiritual poise. The topic of Vaishnava Aparadha is very important and can hamper the highest intentions of a devotee. Yet when the devotee is conscious, attached to the Lotus feet of Guru and Gauranga, such a devotee can never commit any Aparadha. The movements of such a devotee are orchestrated by divine will only. The import of all sadhana and bhajana is just to attain a prayerful heart where there is no hate, no malice and yet committed to the highest cause. The Prayojana of such a heart is to float on “Krishna Rasa”, to enjoy the moods of the divine and share it with the world.

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