“Das” Paradigm

Krishna Bhajana is all about re-establishing oneself in one’s eternal constitutional position. Sriman Mahaprabhu said “Jiver Swarup haya nitya Krishner Das” which means that the constitutional position of the living entity is that of a servant of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The jeeva is created as an extension of Sri Vishnu. When Sri Vishnu cast His glance on the “Mahat Tattva” or material nature, the separated aspect of His energy came in contact with material nature and the “tatastha” aspect or the marginal potency of the Lord came into existence. Its contact with material nature got it bound to material nature and thus “jeevas” or living entities came into existence. The jeeva tattva which is “atma” is eternal in nature and so is the Absolute. The jeeva is limited or “anu” and the Absolute is unlimited or “vibhu”. In terms of nature the atma which is the main aspect of the jeeva is infinitesimal, however in terms of its quality; it is non-different from the Absolute. Having said that, the jeeva being bound by material nature has lost its ability to identify itself with the Absolute which makes jeeva a servant of Maya or fleeting material nature.

1c09160f0f1403f70067eb82e4b58517However the eternal nature of the jeeva tattva or its intrinsic nature is that of being an eternal servant of the Absolute. The journey from being identified with material nature to that of being established in its eternal constitutional position of being the eternal servant of Krishna is the summum bonum of Krishna Bhajana. Krishna Bhajana is all about being reminded of one’s true nature and thus getting established in that nature. A jeeva forgetful of its true nature gets truly undergoes the trials and tribulations of material nature. However having undertaken Krishna Bhajana when the goal is reached, there is no more decadency. This is the only Prayojana or ultimate goal. As part of Raganuga Bhajana and Sadhana, one is given one’s eternal form of a manajri or handmaid position of Srimati Radharani in the spiritual world. When one establishes one’s internal nature in that mood and practices the Guru Pranali or the process of retracting one’s current bodily identity and infusing one’s energy in the mood of an eternal servitor of Srimati Radharani through daily spiritual practice ; with the support of the Sadhguru , His mercy and spiritual practices , one’s artificial current bodily conception is slowly withdrawn. With sufficient practice, the memory of one’s eternal female form gets firmly established in one’s consciousness and all the grossness of one’s current life will dissolve with continued practice. With the help of the “Deeksha” mantras and the Mahamantra, the internal mood of one being an eternal servant of Srimati Radharani is awakened. This mood replaces the bodily conception of “I” and “mine” in relation with the material world. The true spiritual Ego of being the “Dasi” or handmaid of Srimati Radharani is stirred within the heart. All aspects of belonging to the material world, friends, relatives and material objects within the mind vanish totally. When one thus adheres to the authentic spiritual practices as delineated in the Gaudiya Vaishnava Parivaras (family system) under the tutelage of an adept Spiritual master from that line; it becomes very easy for one to get re-established in one’s true intrinsic nature. Thus being established in the mood of servitude to the Lord, all the crutches of the material world are severed intelligently. In course of time one becomes completely identified with the spiritual mood and the eternal body with which service to the divine couple Sri Sri Radha Krishna is rendered. It is advisable that one who is serious about one’s well-being adopts the proper mode of spiritual practice by which the roller-coaster painful ride of the seemingly unending cycle of the material world comes to an end and one is permanently positioned in one’s eternal nature, that of being an “Eternal servitor of Sri Sri Radha Krishna”.

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