Beeja and Gayatri

The role of mantras is often underplayed in the Gaudiya Vaishnava Tradition. Sri Radha Krishna and Sriman Mahaprabhu are the subjects on which we objectify our sadhana. The main tools are Hearing, Chanting and Remembering. Chanting and Remembering are usually the main processes of advancement and realization of the higher principle of Bhagavad Prema or Love of Godhead.

The process of chanting mantras in fact is the backbone of such realization and attainment of Godhead. Usually in the Gaudiya Tradition there are 24 mantras which contribute to the spiritual growth of the aspirant. The Guru, Krishna, Radha and Gaura Mantras are the main mantras in the Mantra set. All the mantras have two main forms they are the Beeja form and the Gayatri form. A set of Beeja and Gayatri forms a couple. A couple represents a Devata or presiding deity. Gaura mantra has a Beeja and Gayatri and so on. It is important to understand the potency of the Beeja and Gayatri to be able to ignite that potency within one’s consciousness. Attaining love of God is simply not a process of mood and so on. It is important to first embellish one’s body and spirit with the tattva or principle of the Devata. For example unless we taste the elevated mood of Gauracandra it will be difficult to truly appreciate His Leela. Our process should be to inject within ourselves the consciousness of the presiding deity so that one can truly taste Love of Godhead.

The Beeja mantra is a derivation of the primordial sound of creation “Om”. This derivation however is the sweet form of “Om” which ignites the Bhava of tasting a relationship with Sri Radha Krishna and Sriman Mahaprabhu in particular. Lord Krishna has 3 main aspects namely the aspect of being eternal, the aspect of Knowledge and the aspect of Bliss namely Sat Chit and Ananda. The nature of both the Beeja and Gayatri Mantra is that of eternity. One who chants the Beeja and Gayatri is already progressing from the temporary to the state of permanence.plant-the-seed-1024x682 The Beeja represents implanting the seed in the fertile heart which is submissive and Gayatri is the watering of the seed. The Beeja Mantra is the masculine aspect of the Mantra and it represents the knowledge potency. When one continuously chants the Beeja in a mood of surrender and supplication, the entire knowledge of the cosmos will slowly flood the consciousness of the aspirant. Ignorance will be completely removed and the presiding deity of the Mantra will slowly start making His presence in and around the sadhaka. A person who chants not less than 64 rounds of the Beeja Mantra, within 6 months time will be transformed beyond any length of imagination.

The Gayatri Mantra of the presiding deity will award the bliss aspect of the deity. The sadhaka will be filled with spiritual emotions and will be slowly absorbed into the oceanic bliss of the presiding deity. The Gayatri mantra will also award visions to the sadhaka relating to the spiritual world and will allow the Sadhaka to “see” the world with divine eyes. Thus the Beeja and Gayatri if attended to with immense sincerity, can alone grant the wishes which the Parampara of Gaudiya Vaishnavism promises to give to its followers. 

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