Body of Sadhana

The body of Sadhana literally refers to the components of the Sadhana process. Sadhana has two major components. They are Bhajana and Seva. These are the two legs of Sadhana. Both these legs are responsible in carrying Sadhana to Sadhya or the Ultimate goal that is Krishna- Seva Prapti.

Typically when a person takes his first steps towards Spiritual life , he has to enter the arena of Sadhana first with one leg , the leg of Seva. This is the most important aspect of Sadhana during the initial days. Only when one has perfected oneself in this aspect of Seva can one think of entering into the Bhajana process. Seva is the first baby step towards the divine. In fact this is the only way possible at the beginning. Seva is done towards two entities. The first Seva aspect is done towards Vaishnavas and then Seva is done towards Guru. Vaishnava Seva can also include Dhama Seva or Serving the Holy Land of the Lord. It is possible that one can whole-heartedly only serve Guru and may not separately serve Vaishnavas. This is possible. For a person who is in the service of Maya, that is one who is serving an organization or in business,seva-designstyle-friday-m this Seva towards Guru and Vaishnavas becomes obligatory. Bhagavat Geeta Says that there are 3 types of Karmas namely Karma, Vikarma and Akarma. Many people confuse one’s regular occupation in the material world as Karma. Such an understanding is not wholly correct. Karma means those activities that have been considered valid as per our revealed Scriptures. In today’s world we see that those whose ancestors were Brahmins are seen serving Multi-national organizations whose owners are beef-eaters. How can this be Karma. If seen from any angle this is purely Vikarma that is activity rejected by Shastra. However how can one be free of such Karma? It is impossible. What will one eat if they give up such activity? That is the reason that one should first take up Seva , serving with the money and resources that one earns in this manner and offering it to Guru and Vaishnavas. Since Guru, Vaishnavas and Dhama are on the transcendental platform  , they have the capacity to purify the money and resources that one surrenders in Seva. Thus the activity of service towards Mayic forces will also get spiritually purified. Some may use 10% of one’s money and resources and hence the rest of the activities start getting purified.

One should also do physical and assisting type of activities at the abode of Gurudeva and Vaishnavas. The more one consciously applies oneself to seva , automatically the grip of Vikarma reduces. This is a pragmatic fact. Slowly the intelligence of the Sadhaka starts getting purified and those activities that once became reasons for one’s entanglement with Maya starts leaving the Sadhaka. The Sadhaka through intense Seva becomes qualified to take up Bhajana seriously. Bhajana comprises of Smaranam and Mantra Sadhana that are used to clean the Chitta so that on the cleansed mirror of the Chitta , the divine couple can take occupation and make one qualified to enter the spiritual realm of Goloka.  One should be careful when one does Seva. One should take the assistance of Guru and Vaishnavas while rendering Seva and should not whimsically extend Seva to anybody and everybody. One should always remember that all resources diverted towards Seva are the very cause for one’s entanglement or release from the grip of Jeeva Maya and the material world.

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