Original Mood of Sriman Mahaprabhu

Sriman Mahaprabhu in His own nectarine words said “koti janma kare yadi shravan kirtan tathapi na mile braje brajendra nandan”. This means that even if you chant and hear the Lord’s divine names for millions of lifetimes , you will still not have a clue of where Brajendra Nandana is or that 11 year old lover of the Gopis even if you are in His original land Braja. sri_krishna13Now considering that there are millions of practising Gaudiya Vaishnavas (Followers of Sriman Mahaprabhu) ; this will be extremely disheartening to know. We know that there are many sects and many organizations who preach the gospel of Sriman Mahaprabhu and there are a great number of people who do Nama Sankirtan or the Congregational chanting of the holy names of Lord Krishna; they may be also chanting without offence; yet it is said that the path to Brajendra Nandana is not available! So what is missing here? When Mahaprabhu says this He is referring to the mood ; the mood of Sankirtana. When the mood of serving Brajendra Nandana is apt and when He is convinced of your exacting mood then He is available to you. Otherwise you may continue your service of chanting and hearing at Bhauma Vrindavana( Vrindavan on this planet)  and still His direct service will be a distant dream. So what is the missing factor in the mood itself?

The mood that can attract Brajendra Nandana is only the mood of the Braja Gopis maybe in any of the 4 rasas of Dasya,Sakhya,Vatsalya and Madhurya. However we are connected with Sriman Mahaprabhu and He has freely distributed Braja Prema; the mood of Madhuri, the Braja Gopis have. Unless one attains this mood and in that mood one serves Krishna; Krishna in His form of the 11 year old Brajendra nandana is not available to accept your service. You may adorn other moods and serve Krishna of the Vaikunthas or other realms ; but only the special mood of Madhur gopi (Gopi who is established in mode of conjugal sweetness) can attract the master of Nikunja Leela ; Sri Brajendra Nandana. This mood is enabled when one seeks the “anugatya” or servitude to a spiritual master who adorns that elevated mood. Then through earnest submission to such a spiritual master and practising Bhajana in the mood of a manjari in Radha dasyam or servitude to Srimati Radhrani ; Srila Gurudeva by the agent of his unbounded mercy transmits the mood of Braja Gopi or manjari in one’s heart. A person who adorns this mood will be thus qualified to serve the master of Cupid ; Sri Brajendra Nandana. One needs to understand that Sriman Mahaprabhu is an ambassador of that elevated mood and He has specifically come in this form as a Brahmana to handover that rare”mood” jewel to us. To attain Brajendra Nandana it becomes obligatory for own to accept that high mood from a rasika bhakti or a devotee who is an expert in that conjugal mood and serve in Braja! 


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