In Pursuit – Part Three

Sri Thakhura Mahasaya is in “Lalasa” or divine expectation of being granted servitude at the feet of Srimati Radharani and thus he is in the mood of Das anudas which means he is the servant of Loknatha Goswami , who in turn is the servant of Rupa Goswami who in turn is the servant of Sriman Mahaprabhu. In his eternal form as a Campaka Manjari, Thakhura Mahasaya is the servant of Sri Manjulali manjari who in turn is the servant of Rupa Manjari who in turn is the servant of Srimati Radharani.

Srila Narottama Thakhura Mahasaya

Thakhura Mahasaya glorifies Guru who is the root cause of accomplishment of sadhana. He says that one cannot even commence Bhakti without first taking shelter of the feet of Srila Gurudeva. The process of taking shelter of Srila Gurudeva is to first take Harinama Samskaar from Gurudeva in the right ear and subsequently undertaking Deeksha from him. Deeksha mantras which comprise of the Gopala mantra and Sri Radha mantra is accepted by the disciple through the right ear and delivered to the disciple by the lotus mouth of Srila Gurudeva. This is the bonafide process according to the Sastric injunctions. One who is not thus surrendered to Srila Guru Maharaj in thought, word and deed is not permitted into the sanctum of devotional service. Thakhura Mahasaya says that only Srila Gurudeva is capable of implanting and nurturing Sri Bhakti Devi in the heart of the sadhaka. The guru is well-versed in the purport of the Bhakti scriptures and has practical experience of Krishna through his personal Bhajana. Only such an empowered entity can transmit Krishna rasa in the heart of his disciple. Srila Gurudeva is perfect and knows the Absolute truth. A guru who does not have direct experience of the Absolute truth will not have the ability to clear doubts regarding bhajana and will not be able to satisfy the disciples queries. A person who has completely subdued the six enemies namely lust, anger, greed, illusion, pride and envy and one who is expert in the science of Krishna automatically qualifies as a guru. Sri Guru has the capacity to destroy all different vices of his surrendered disciple. The lotus feet of Srila Gurudeva are the abode of sweet nectar of Prema. One who has devoted himself to the lotus feet of Srila Gurudeva and serves the guru as per the desires of Sri Guru attains Prema bhakti very easily.

Devotion means that one is free from all ulterior motives. A person who is not on the look-out of entertaining the senses and one who is not worried of maintaining himself , one who is totally surrendered to the lotus feet of Srila Gurudeva and is ever on the lookout of pleasing Srila Gurudeva by single-pointedly following his instructions , is truly fortunate. All activities of such a surrendered sadhaka are only for the pleasure of Krishna. A true disciple does not manipulate Sastric injunctions to serve his selfish desires and such a disciple is cent-percent transparent to Srila Gurudeva. A disciple not cent percent transparent to Srila Gurudeva is said to have been bewildered by Maya Devi. When endeavours are conducted according to Sastric injunctions and as per directions given by Srila Gurudeva without desires for sense-gratification, it will lead to absorption in Bhakti. Such absorption will lead the sadhaka or disciple far away from the clutches of material nature. A disciple who has single-pointed attachment to the feet of Srila Gurudeva will transcend all vices within no time. Thakhura Mahasaya says that one who commits offense to the Lotus feet of Srila Gurudeva cannot be salvaged. Even if a person commits offense against the Lord or the Holy name can be revived and restored but committing an offense at the feet of Srila Gurudeva is unpardonable and even the Lord or the holy name cannot save the disciple from doom.

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