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So how to cleanse your heart and create conducive environment?

By restricting oneself…by having minimum interaction with the visible world around us. By accepting oneself as a sadhaka with only one desire “When will my desire to serve you Oh divine couple  be fulfilled? “. This desire if stoked deeply in the heart will serve to reduce to ashes all that is non-conducive to Bhakti.

aaeaaqaaaaaaaagsaaaajdi3zdjiytgzlwnjyzutngqwos05ogq5lwflndlhn2y1nzqwoqWe can create a conducive environment when we learn to drift inside of ourselves. This environment is not at all external; it is internal. When we are constantly looking within our heart for the thieves ; the thieves of self-prestige; the thieves of pride; the thieves of sense enjoyment. Life becomes interesting when this search is deepened. We need to ensure that our heart does not let anything other than the divine couple reside on it. The act of constant self-correction is actually to create such a conducive environment

How to cultivate the right mood?

Our life ; especially in the city is full of “curses”. There is practically no scope to creating the right mood. However we can do our little bit through our earnest desire to doing our Sadhana and Bhajana on time and on weekends show interest to extend the hours of silent contemplation and going inward doing our Yogpeeth sadhana. However the key to developing the right mood is to have constant touch with Vrindavana Dhama. There is simply no other way!!

Is it only thru Guru Diksha mantra and reading of all those books we purchased. ?

The Guru Diksha and the books are an integral part of the sadhana process. Above all it is that spiritual greed towards our prayojana ; that is the key. Our prayojana is to serve the divine couple in the mood of the handmaid servant of Srimati Radharani that holds the key to success. If by some means if we are able to hold this one thought that “I am a maid servant name “so and so”  of Srimati Radharani and I am worried that I am not able to serve Her how unfortunate I am that I am unable to serve Her” ; this can be one of the greatest enabler of our nitya seva. Srimati Radharani sees the sincerity in our heart to serve Her and when we pour this sincerity in our sadhana ; then with the mercy of Sri Guru manjari ; we will see ourselves progressing towards our nitya seva.

How much time its going to get true realization?

True realization is only a product of our attachment to Sri Guru and our sense of complete surrender to Gauranga. The more we serve Sri Guru ; the greater will be our realization of the ultimate truth

My heart is at Vrindavan. Body in Mumbai

Yes, this feeling itself is a great limb of our sadhana.

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