Bhakti Tattva – Part Ten

After conversing with Rupa Goswami or Dabira Khasa the King returned to his residential chamber. Dabira Khasa and his brother Saker Malik namely Santana Goswami who served as Prime Minister at the Muslim King’s court decided to go incognito and visit Sriman Mahaprabhu. At the dead of the night the two brothers sneaked out of their royal residence and first met Sri Nityananda Prabhu and then Haridas Thakhura. Sri Nityananda Prabhu and Sri Haridas Thakhura informed Sriman Mahaprabhu about the arrival of the two brothers. The two brothers out of extreme humility held blades of grass between their teeth and with a piece of cloth around their necks fell like a rod prostrated before the Lord.

cc-ant-2-01-938x1264The brothers were moved to see the Lord and wept in front of the Lord. The Lord reassuringly raised the brothers from the ground and embraced them and promised them all good fortune. The two brothers offered many prayers before the Lord with folded hands. Since the two brothers served the Muslim King, they considered themselves most fallen owing to their service to Yavana or outcastes. They considered themselves belonging to the lowest type of people although they were born in a high class Brahmin family. Their service to the Muslim King  they believed reduced their position worse than the Shudras.In the Shastras it is considered abominable even if one belonging to a higher class accepts position in the service of abominable persons. People associating with Muslims are considered to be against cow-protection and Brahminical culture. Thus Rupa and Santana expressed their fallen condition to the Lord. The two brothers pleaded to Sriman Mahaprabhu that He had incarnated to deliver the most fallen ones of Kaliyuga and thus urged the Lord to deliver them. The two brothers reminded the Lord about the two sinners Jagai and Madhai and how He had delivered the two men of asuric or demoniac propensities. They said that the Lord did not require exerting Himself too much to deliver the two sinners. The two brothers told the Lord that even if a person who has accrued heaps of sin through abominable activities even once chanted the Lord’s name, the dim reflection of chanting of the Holy name had the capacity to burn heaps of sin within no time.

The two brothers however considered themselves more fallen than Jagai and Madhai. They believed that although they did not physically engage in meat-eating, they are more fallen than meat-eaters because they served such meat eaters as the Muslim King. The two brothers submitted to the Holy Feet of the Lord saying that no one in the world except Lord Mahaprabhu had the capacity to save them from eternal doom. The two brothers begged for the mercy of the Lord saying that if the Lord delivered them, then the Lord’s name of being the benefactor of the downtrodden or patita pavana would be again proved to be true. The two brothers told the Lord that they were no more suitable candidates for the Lord’s mercy other than them. The brothers confided that one is immediately freed from all inauspiciousness and material desires as soon as one delivers service to the Lord. The brothers thus yearned for eternal servitude of the Lord. After hearing the two brothers the Lord revealed to the brothers that they were very old and eternal servants of the Lord already. The Lord renamed the two brothers from Dabira Khasa and Saker Malik to Sri Rupa and Sri Sanatana Goswami. The Lord told the brothers that although He had no plans to visit this side of Bengal en route to Vrindavana, He had specifically taken the route to meet and bless the two brothers. Although people were not sure of the Lord’s visit to Kanai Natashala, nobody understands the real intentions of the Lord.

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