Contacting Krishna

The aspect of Krishna Bhajana has to be understood in the perspective of a process that will connect the living entity to Krishna and restore its eventual eternal constitutional position. It should be very clear to the aspirant that the “Krishna” process as employed in the Parampara system is extremely scientific and a sure way to “contact” Krishna.

A jeeva may perhaps on the basis of previous lifetime merits and grace may be able to sustain Krishna in one’s consciousness under the garb of “genuine other-worldly” experience. There are many reports in which a jeeva may “feel” Krishna within one’s consciousness and also experience “direct connect” with Krishna. This is possible and it may be a reality. However one has also not to discount the fact that if the connection were complete in all respects, there need not have been a possibility of adorning a “material” body in the first place. The presence of a material body indicates that the “experience” of the Ultimate is incomplete in many ways. The particular jeeva who has this “experience” of Krishna is exposed to time, place and circumstance and at the same time is posed with the typical problems of “Adi Daivik” ( trouble from the demi-gods), “Adi Bhautik” (trouble from other living entities) and “Adhyatmik” (trouble from one’s own mind and body) , time and again harassed by insufficiencies of all kinds. If perfection were have been reached, there would be no learning, no need to take birth in the first place.

krishnaevolveAlthough a living entity of so-called “High Krishna experience” is happy to be in the mood and claims to enjoy His company , it is obvious that the above problems should not be felt and the person who is in this position is able to answer the question of life and death in totality. The person is both Self-realized and God-realized and there is a higher purpose for which “leela” is being done. However to take the claims to this level is nothing but self-deception and evasion from life’s stark realities.

The greatest debacle in the life of the jeeva is the presence of the material ego which is so deep rooted that one will not be able to tell the difference between the “atma” and false ego because of its seeming fusion with the self itself. This is the root of all “delusion”. Unless one accepts this without getting confounded by the “Krishna Vision” principle, true progress in spirituality and understanding of the Personality of Godhead is a distant dream.

Although supernatural experiences have their own place in the field of spiritual life, one has to carefully consider the other impurities that are present along with it on the firmament of mind and intelligence and also the large looming presence of the false ego. Thus although spiritual experiences are great, they are not to be considered as a totality of experience because the experience of the Personality of Krishna is far beyond the “assumed” experience of the Lord in many ways.

One needs to be clear that the total appearance of the Lord at the levels of mind, intelligence and Spiritual ego can only be established by the total abandonment of the self-worth. This is characterised by the equanimity of vision towards all living entities. The aspect of Krishna has to permeate into every pore of the living entity and an indication of this is the attitude of service towards all living entities. Sriman Mahaprabhu has established the Gaudiya Vaishnava parampara system with immaculate practises, applying which in its totality can reveal Krishna in a full-blown manner. The system is so designed by Him that if one simply takes shelter of a Sadhguru in the parampara of that system and in an attitude of humility follows instructions, one need not be bothered about one’s progress, one is automatically presented with the service of the divine couple with consummate ease, the only criteria being simplicity and sincerity.

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