The Mood of the Mahajanas (Lust Free!!)

The mood of the Mahajanas is beyond any material conception. The very base on which this material universe functions is rooted on Lust..that distorted form of Prema which is its perverted reflection.

compilation_09may2012_01_35_53If any living entity wishes to enjoy that Prema Rasa ; it is only possible through the mercy of the Sadhguru ; a living spiritual master who himself is beyond the grip of material nature.Through Bhajana and Kripa this “higher” mood is attained by the Supreme Mercy of Gurudeva who is the direct representative of Srimati Radharani; the Guru Manjari.


Physical lust is impossible to overcome by self-effort. This topic is most sensitive and Srila Prabhupada warns the “neophyte” devotees to safely avoid the topic of Gopis and their dalliance with Krishna of Gokula. One needs to engage into serious Bhajana ; pray and surrender at the feet of the divine couple to get a scent of those amorous pastimes. Our Gurudeva Param Pujya Premdasa Babaji Maharaj is a Mahatma .. under whose able guidance and mercy ; one can practice the Ashta Kaliya Leela Smarana that deals with the clandestine confidential pastimes of Krishna and the Gopis. When one undertakes Bhajana in the Raganuga mode … this deep rooted lust is slowly treated and the doors of Bhava and Prema get slowly opened. Only a person who has overcome this inherent state of lust by the mercy of Guru and Gauranga becomes eligible to enter the highest state of Bhajana…

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