Straight Answers

Q.What determines success in  Krishna Bhajana?

  1. If Bhajana enables ourselves to be fixed in the thoughts of Sri Sri Radha Krishna’s name, form,qualities and pastimes for the major part of our day , then our Krishna Bhajana is considered successful

Q.What is failure in Krishna Bhajana?

  1. The fact that we have taken up Krishna Bhajana obliterates any failure !

Q.What is asakti in Raganuga?

  1. When one is excessively attached to Sri Radha Krishna’s thoughts, their Dhama ; Sri Vrindavana , their objects of attachment ; Sri Goverdhana ; Sri Yamuna with the exclusion of everything else in the mood of a Brajawasi ( base resident of Vrindavan Dhama) is asakti in Raganuga.

Q.How can one get naturally attracted to Raganuga (spontaneous attraction to the divine couple) when most of the world practices Vaidhi Bhakti ( Bhakti based on judicious following of Vedic rules and regulations)

  1. By associating with a Raganuga Bhakta or a Rasika devotee who is naturally positioned to serve the divine couple in the mood of a Brajawasi.

Q.Is Raganuga superior to Vaidhi?

  1. It is like asking who is more trained in caring for the child? The biological mother (Raganuga) or the trained hospital nurse (Vaidhi) who looks after the child. In both cases the difference lies only in the mood and not the process of worship. The mood in Raganuga is spontaneous ; inspired from within whereas Vaidhi Bhakti is based on scriptural sanction of worship. 
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