Realizations in Raganuga

As I sat in meditation during sadhana; certain realizations crept in , in connection with Bhakti. As we know the various stages in Bhakti are Shraddha, Sadhu Sanga, Bhajana Kriya, Anartha Nivritti, Nishta, Ruci, Asakti, Rati, Bhava, Prema


That shraddha in Sri Gurudeva is sufficient to transport one to the spiritual realm.

Sadhu Sanga:

wpid-xcbAssociation with Sri Gurudeva brings one the good fortune of association with Pure devotees. This Holy association destroys the last trace of material tinge in one’s consciousness. The Sadhus are primarily responsible for transformation of one’s base consciousness.

Bhajana Kriya: The process of Bhajana Kriya becomes Bhajana after one undertakes Deeksha. One in relieved of all inauspiciousness by attaining the Sri Gopala and Radha Mantra; the elixir of eternal life. Bhajana becomes so sweet that one moment of separation from the process of Bhajana becomes unbearable.

Anartha Nivritti: That one is convinced in one’s heart that one is so fallen that one can never be cleared of anarthas and one submits oneself at the feet of Sri Gurudeva and perennially attaches oneself to Bhajana crying for relief from Anarthas nevertheless!!

Nishta: That Sri Gurudeva is one’s captain and that one’s Bhajana is one’s very life and soul. To be steadfast in that mood. Even when conditions are not favorable ; to engage one’s mind fully at the feet of Sri Gurudeva and Bhajana so that externally one may being doing anything but internally Bhajana is happening unswerving.

Ruci: Always interested in understanding how the Leelas are unfolding in the spiritual realm. What is Nandanandana doing now ; What is Srimati Radharani doing now? What is my seva that I need to be doing. One should always be interested in these spiritual matters and take special interest in such spiritual matters.This is Ruci

Asakti: One is extremely attached to Srimati Radharani and serve Her in the mood of a kinkori. One should take every opportunity to enter smarana to serve Srimati Radharani. This should be our Asakti.

Rati/Bhava: Who am I ? What is the mood that Sri Gurudeva has given to me at the time of Guru Pranali? One needs to attain that Bhava and develop single-pointed emotions towards Srimati Radharani.When one starts to develop this spiritual mood ; the vehicle with which we will enter the transcendental realm becomes available. It will become visible. It will be shown to us in trance or the turiya state( beyond waking,dreaming and deep sleep state).

Prema: This is the result. 

When Bhava becomes solidified and all traces of mundane consciousness disappear, that Lust which is the source of existence on this material plane ; surges forth in the heart in the highest ecstatic form as Prema, This is the very form of Sri Sri Radha Krishna and one will attain Sri Sri Radha Krishna is one’s heart and can have their transcendental vision ; when this further matures ; their eternal seva becomes available and one can alternate between the spiritual and material worlds at will!! This is “tangible” Prema. 

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