Receiving the Spiritual Body

It is clear that Sriman Mahaprabhu awarded us the highest gift of the Manjari Bhava Sadhana by which one attains a spiritual body and a spiritual mood to serve the divine couple in the divine realm. It will be worthwhile to consider the deeper science in the process that will inspire sincere aspirants to pursue the sadhana as part of their everyday routine, only condition being that one has already received the Beeja mantras for the practice from a God-realized Master from the Gaudiya Vaishnava Parampara.

Our material body is made up of five elements which form the basis of material creation. Our consciousness is a product of our soul and is recognized as the power exhibited by our soul. Just as when , the body of an elephant is touched , the touch is recognized by the animal owing to the reach of the soul all around the body even though the soul is considered to be one by ten thousandth  of the size of the tip of hair. The presence of the soul is determined by consciousness. Even in deep sleep, the soul is recognized by the vital functions of the breath and the beating of the heart, although under extraordinary conditions, most of the life-energies can be switched off by the practice of Hatha Yoga. Thus consciousness becomes the most important aspect of the soul through which the experience of life itself comes into force. Awareness is that point of consciousness by which change of consciousness can be affected.
typesofbodiesWhen one gets affected by the three modes of nature viz. Satva, Rajas and Tamas, the consciousness is likewise affected. The five elements of nature fall under these three categories and when consciousness , by the force of awareness is focussed on material dealings , the consciousness gets contaminated giving rise to lust, anger, greed, illusion, pride and envy. When a living entity operates on this platform, one is said to be in material consciousness. The product of soul or spirit is consciousness and the product of consciousness is chitta, mind, intelligence, false ego and the body, which shape our thoughts and emotions. These thoughts and emotions appear in the mind or chitta in the form of deep feelings, pictures, nostalgia and other deeper sentiments which continuously create a vortex in our consciousness and keep us attached to material nature. People with negative or positive thoughts and emotions may experience sorrow and happiness. A deeper attachment to things can appear in the form of diseases on the physical body or even give rise to healing. Thus the product of focussed awareness of consciousness comes into being on the physical plane. This is also affected by the debris of Karma that lies unattended in the form of impressions on the chitta (the deeper memory platform of the mind) as a result of experiences of the past life and actions.  Thus the soul gives rise to the causal; the causal gives rise to the subtle and the subtle gives rise to the physical. When the physical is unintelligently consumed, it again forms subtle impressions and subtle goes into causal and thus creating an endless loop of Karma, keeping the soul or the spirit in a bound condition.

Sriman Mahaprabhu has given to us an extremely simple way of working with this unending arrangement within the realm of consciousness. When one takes up devotional service to the Supreme and applies oneself to manjari bhava sadhana, the mantra given to the aspirant by a God-realized Sadhguru helps in reversal of the unending cycle of impressions in the chitta of the aspirant. The mantra and Hari Nama sound vibration given at the time of Deeksha contains within itself, the form and the mood of the Supreme. This form and mood when transferred to the aspirant starts working as the aspirant takes up to Sadhana in the form of chanting and remembering the divine pastimes. These sound vibrations impinge the various levels of consciousness. The divine sound and Smaranam cut through the layers of thoughts, emotions, chitta and intellect till it reaches the soul proper. This gives immense strength to the soul because it is the food to the soul. As the soul starts gaining strength, the divine form and mood get lodged in the spirit/soul. By constant practice, the soul is able to free itself from the compulsions of material thoughts and emotions. Thus the impressions in the chitta will start getting cleansed. Once there is maturity of sadhana and seva, the chitta, mind and intelligence will be completely spiritualized and will be immunized against the attack of the three modes of material nature viz. Satva, Rajas and Tamas.

When one is immersed in seva through emotion and thought the deepest core of the spirit which is the causal body will take the shape of the eternal devotees of the Lord. Newer moods will manifest by the mercy of Guru and Nama. This causal body will be eternal in nature because Guru and Nama that produce this new causal body are eternal in nature. This causal body is the form of a manjari, the hand-maidservant of Srimati Radhika. When this body is completely formed, there is complete alienation to the material world and the sadhaka will experience separation from his (her) mistress Srimati Radhika. Thus at the time of separation of the physical body and the subtle body, the sadhaka will assume the eternal vehicle form of the manjari and depart to the spiritual world for the service of Srimati Radhika. This is the scientific explanation of the manjari svarupa.

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