Bhakti Tattva – Part Fourteen

A god-brother of Lord Caitanya’s Guru who was called Ramachandra Puri criticized the Lord’s eating of Prasadam. The Lord, for the sake of setting a social norm immediately reduced His intake of prasadam. The Vaishnavas were very worried about the Lord and hence the Lord increased a bit of His intake bringing it to half as much as He used to take in His early days.

mahapabhu-chaitanyaOnce there was loud Sankirtana held at Puri under the auspices of Lord Chaitanya, however the Sankirtana party headed by Srivasa Thakhura, glorified Lord Chaitanya by loudly chanting His name. When the Lord took notice of this, He severely chastised the devotees and opined that one should only chant the names of Krishna and by loudly chanting His names, the devotees had violated Vedic injunctions; so saying the Lord left the party. This saddened the devotees who begged the audience and Love of the Lord. Being extremely benign and tender-hearted, the all-merciful Lord relented. The Lord came out and thus gave audience to all assembled. Raising His extremely long, slender and powerful hands the Lord asked everyone to chant the names of Hari with a roar.  There arose a great stir and the vibration of Hari filled all directions. Everybody saw their Lord as Supreme and thus offered their prayers to Him. Srivasa Thakhura then appeared to hide the sun with His palm and the Lord observed this action of Srivasa. Srivasa said that he was trying to hide the sun with his palms; so saying he also mentioned that what is supposed to be done if the Sun has appeared in the open and now trying to hide itself just as he was trying to block the radiant sun with his tiny palms. This was an indication given to the Lord that although the Lord may try to hide His infinite glory in this world, it would not be possible for Him to hide His own radiance by disallowing people to chanting His name. The Lord understood the argument of Srivasa and mercifully glanced at all the devotees.

In this way the desires of the people were completely fulfilled. At that time Raghunatha dasa prepared a feast by the order of Sri Nityananda Prabhu and distributed prasadam composed of chipped rice and curd. Later on Sri Raghunatha Dasa became Dasa Goswami having left home and taken the shelter of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu at Jagannath Puri. At that time, the Lord received him and placed him under the care of Swarupa Damodara for spiritual enlightenment.

Later Lord Mahaprabhu stopped Brahmananda Bharati from wearing deerskin. The Lord enjoyed transcendental bliss through interesting pastimes in the course of the next six years.

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