Positivity and Bhakti

India imports many products of consumerism from the west and it also exports something called “Positivity” or “Be Positive” from the west. This has been happening since the past twenty five odd years. People with the so-called scientific bent of mind have been relentlessly playing on the “Be Positive” zither for pepping up folks and running an alternate market which flourishes on conning people. Unfortunately today it is a multi-million dollar market in India. Thanks to the western education that we have been exposed to! On a similar note, things like Creative Visualization, “Think Positive” and other paradigms have flooded the Indian “spiritual market” scene. It is indeed “sad” but there is hope.

Although these things are “good to know” and useful in the  lower end of the consciousness spectrum; one does not see an everlasting take away in these paradigms since these paradigms are scant “left-overs” of the theory of Karma. When one is “trying” to be positive or is being counselled by some “positive” therapist or friend, the aspect of “karma” is thoroughly being overlooked. The results of positive suggestion are not being debated here. However this methodology is vastly incompetent to address the root cause of “suffering” seen in the human race. Is it not better that these paradigms  be used only to goad some “suffering” soul to a higher and time-proven concept that works over “karma” too and eliminates the root cause for suffering altogether?

positbhaktiAll said and done, the theory of vibrations, positive thought, Auto-suggestion are interesting paradigms but not powerfully competent to solve the “sickness” in consciousness. One who is looking for short-term benefits through these imported paradigms will do well to try out the ancient wisdom of the Eastern world. Theory of Vibrations and Positivity can be used as smaller tools in the larger arrangement of things, around the colossal aspect of Bhakti Yoga, especially while handling western audiences who seek to find their way through the warp of material existence. However if one cares to study the lives of God-realized saints of India especially the Gaudiya Vaishnavas, one will gain enormously in solving the problems of both life and death simultaneously.

When one discusses things like positive energy, positivity, positive vibration, one is dealing with a lot of ambiguity and tries to “feel” through one’s intelligence and “assumed” sensitivity. However since there is no personalization of these terminologies, the aspect of personal touch is missing. It is to be understood that unless there is personalization in this world, one will not be able to connect with “Force” per say. One will be able to associate with the phenomenon of the world and with oneself if one is to understand that there is somebody powerful, somebody forceful and somebody lovable with whom we can connect and solve the seemingly perennial problems of life.

Bhakti is that science which talks about such a personalization. One who connects with a superior personality is safe and hearty. The aspect of Bhakti teaches one to be humble and bow down before the forces of nature, to another human being, to the animals, to the plants with the faith that every single entity is a magnificent creation of the Supreme Person Sri Krishna. If this aspect is driven deep into the very core of consciousness by associating with people who have realized this fact , the puzzle related to our deep rooted fears about life and death , our insecurities about our relationships and our continuance hereafter will stand solved. Every material problem has only one solution and that is Bhakti. Things like “positive thought” and Positive vibration have infinitesimally small capacity to heal. It is only a solicited endeavour to unknot our matted, knotted   and kinky consciousness that can get us to the higher plane where everything is unravelled. It is no use of talking about shallow concepts if one is serious about oneself. Bhakti perhaps is the only oasis in the parched out desert of “positive thought”!

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