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Srila Raghunatha Das Goswami was feeling pain in separation from Sri Gauranga. As a result of this separation nectar emanated in the form of literature that eulogizes the divine vision of Sri Gauranga. Any individual who reads these descriptions is truly blessed with the fruit of the highest kind of Bhakti. The following essays in the form of the series “Praises of Gauranga” is being presented to pass on that good fortune to the readers of this website.

The sweet pastimes of the Lord made Dasa Goswami erupt with ecstasy and he was blessed with nectarine divine vision of the Lord. Lord Gauranga’s gait resembled that of a mad elephant, graceful. The cavity of the heart of Dasa Goswami is filled with the moon-ray luster of Lord Gauranga’s golden body. Lord Gauranga’s body is transcendental. When anybody witnesses another physical body, the desire to see that body is finished with the first sight. However since Lord Gauranga’s body is transcendental, one vision of the Lord’s body awakens thirst to see that golden form again and again as thoughts follow in series. Dasa Goswami says that “I have seen that beautiful body a million times, ever since I was born, yet my heart has not been satiated34e0dff12f4566206efcee9e6e0d3e26 and I yearn to see it again and again”. This is similar to the experience of seeing the body of Sri Nandanandana. The whole universe is thirsty to have a vision of the radiant face of the prince of Vrindavana and Krishna Himself longs to see His own face, such is the quality of the transcendental body of the Lord. The beauty of Krishna’s form is the best of ornaments and its beauty challenges the beauty of millions of Cupids. That lustrous face of Krishna has now combined with the mahabhava (emotion of Prema) of Vrishabhanu Nandini, Srimati Radhika. The two bodies of Sri Radha and Sri Nandanandana have mixed with each other like water mixing with milk. The blackness of Syama’s limbs has been shadowed by the golden glisten of Srimati Radhika. The amorous rasa of Sri Krishna is tightly embraced by maha Bhava. Thus the body of Sri Gauranga has emerged. The body of Sri Gauranga’ graceful motions are the combined gait of the prince and princess of the forests of Vrindavana. His body is lustrous thousand times over compared to the molten gold form of the Sumeru Mountain. The long arms of Sri Gauranga go well below His knees as he swings them as he walks filled with the nectar of divine love. A garland of jasmine flowers oscillates on His golden torso. His beautiful face defeats the autumn moon and His eyes trickle with ecstatic love. His entire body is affected with the tremors of divine Prema and unable to control Himself, He walks a few steps and unable to keep steady He collapses and falls to the ground. The descriptions of Lord Gauranga can only emanate from the pens of the Mahajanas. Reading these descriptions one will feel like spitting at the various material forms that abound this world, what to speak of having direct Darshana of Sri Gauranga. Dasa Goswami says that the sweet words of Sri Gauranga defeats the combined sweetness of all nectar and His body defeats the luster of a golden mountain. Although the bodily luster of the Lord of Godruma, Sri Gauranga equals that of millions of moons, the earthly luminaries give pain to the eye whereas the ray of light emanating from the body of Sri Gauranga is soothing and pleasing in all respects.

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