0104-RG–Vishada Yoga 1.4

Atra shooraa maheshwaasaa

bheemaarjunasamaa yudhi;

Yuyudhaano viraatashcha

drupadashcha mahaarathah


“Here are heroes, mighty archers, equal in battle to Bhima and Arjuna, Yuyudhana,

Virata and Drupada, of the great car (mighty warriors)”

RG Purport:  Duryodhana was scared of the Pandava army especially because his inner heart knew that Dharma was not on his side. He wanted to feel happy looking at the sheer size of the army under him and at the same time Duryodhana took the individual names of warriors on the Pandava side just to instruct his own mind that there are other heroes and archers in his own camp who can combat the best in the Pandava army. The highlight of Adharma is falsehood. Adharma tries to portray truth as falsehood and falsehood as truth. There is no premise on which falsehood stands and hence the life of falsehood is also like a bubble. Duryodhana represents the senses which are under the supervision of the mind represented by Shakuni with support from the intellect represented by Dhritarashtra. When the senses take to attachment to bad habits which is encouraged by the dictate of the mind and with no checking by the intellect, the senses trigger the mind to give false reasons for the addiction of the senses. It will also benumb the heart from genuine emotions and will stoop to a more animalistic instinctual behavior. It will find room to criticize healthy habits and glorify its own engagement with sense objects thereby slowly draining the human system of all virtue. The might of the senses cannot be combated when the mind is polluted and when the intellect is polluted by the mind and driven by the senses. There is also no scope for conscience to put forth its meek argument in front of the might of the contaminated intellect, mind and senses.

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