0116-RG–Vishada Yoga 1.16, 1.17, 1.18

Verse 1.16

Anantavijayam raajaa

kunteeputro yudhishthirah;

Nakulah sahadevashcha



Yudhisthira, the son of Kunti, blew the “Anantavijaya”; and Sahadeva and Nakula blew

the “Manipushpaka” and “Sughosha” conches.

Verse 1.17

Kaashyashcha parameshwaasah

shikhandee cha mahaarathah;

Dhrishtadyumno viraatashcha



The king of Kasi, an excellent archer, Sikhandi, the mighty car-warrior, Dhristadyumna

and Virata and Satyaki, the unconquered,

Verse 1.18

Drupado draupadeyaashcha

 sarvashah prithiveepate;

Saubhadrashcha mahaabaahuh

shankhaan dadhmuh prithak prithak.


Drupada and the sons of Draupadi, O Lord of the Earth, and the son of Subhadra, the

mighty-armed, all blew their respective conches!

RG Purport: In the preceding 3 verses, Sanjaya describes to Dhritarashtra the Pandava forces especially bringing to his notice that the relatives of Draupadi, from her father’s side and the sons of Subhadra and Draupadi were prepared to battle up with the Kauravas. The description of blowing of the conchshell from these relatives of Draupadi by Sanjaya was a hint from his side to his king was that the Kauravas will not be spared for their misdeeds especially for the disrobing of the Queen of Indraprastha, Draupadi. 4 generations of warriors were on the field of Kurukshetra to exhort their supremacy. Sanjaya had divine vision that was awarded to him by Veda Vyasa. The unfortunate Dhritarashtra had a chance of acquiring divine vision with the blessings of Vyasadeva, who had fathered him. However the blind Dhritarashtra preferred to live in his unfortunate condition and requested Vyasadeva to present divine vision to his charioteer and friend Sanjaya. As Sanjaya narrated events on the battlefield to his king, he also took the position of a friend and poked at Dhritarashtra many times to draw his attention to the follies committed by him and his son Duryodhana. In the previous verse there is another such poke that Sanjaya takes at Dhritarashtra, addressing him as “Lord of the Earth” because having been granted far-sightedness by Vyasadeva; he could see that the Pandavas would be ultimately successful in their ruination of the Kaurava army. The position of Dhritarashtra as the Lord of the Earth would be soon coming to an end.

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